Nick’s House Swarthmore Beginning To Take Shape; Progress Report

For Immediate Release
Contact: Pat Colleluori
Phone: 610-461-5987
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Swarthmore, MA – The internal and external enhancements and modifications continue at Nick’s House Swarthmore.  Construction and renovations have been ongoing since July, when the HEADstrong Foundation broke ground on the 8,000 square foot home, originally constructed in 1893.  The home is currently being converted to meet the unique needs of patients and families displaced to the Greater Philadelphia Region seeking comprehensive cancer care and clinical trials.  The HEADstrong Foundation has empowered Target Building Construction, who is being supported by a dedicated core of building partners and unions, all helping to bring the special project to life.

Last week, the Bricklayers and Allied Craft Services BAC Local 1 volunteered and repointed the stone walls in the basement of the home.  Additionally, BAC Local 1 is assisting with tiling the homes bathrooms including ADA bathroom located on the first floor of the home and providing taping and painting support throughout the home.

This week, installation of the kitchen is taking place with Goebelwood Industries supplying cabinetry, AAA Hellenic Marble and Tile supplying the granite countertops and Stone Barn Flooring providing the flooring.  Blue Star Communications has installed wiring for independent cell phone and Wi-Fi service and has also very generously donated all televisions for the home.  EZ Living Concepts Inc. is in the process of installing an elevator in the home which was donated by Carolyn Killian and Family.  Bob McGowan and Sons has installed decking and ADA platform lift and MC Concrete has completed the installation of a storm water management system and exterior excavating.  Finally, Well Built Services has finished the installation of windows in the lower level of the house.

Upcoming enhancements include interior and external painting compliments of Sherman Williams and Heiler Painting which is set to start on November 8th.  Additionally, Shreiner Tree has completed the trimming of all the trees and Ruppert Landscaping will empower 100 crew members to fully landscape the grounds of the property slated for November 13th.

HEADstrong has created a housewarming registry with Bed, Bath and Beyond for supporters to purchase essentials for Nick’s House.  Please consider purchasing an item off the registry.  Click here, to view the Nick’s House Registry.  You can also search the Nick’s House Registry using Registry ID 545136381.

“We are so humbled by the outcry of support surrounding this incredible project.  Each day we are inspired by the generosity and relentless efforts of all of the building partners, unions, companies and volunteers giving of their in-kind time, energy, skills and services.  Nick’s House has united people in a way that we have never experienced.  This project is personal for so many of the people involved.  We have developed some close relationships with the constructions teams and each day someone shares their personal connection to the disease story of why they’ve gotten involved.  We are beginning to see great progress and are looking forward to the next phase of renovations.  We wish to extend our sincere appreciation and gratitude to everyone involved with Nick’s House.

It was the vision of beloved Delaware County native, the late Nicholas “HEAD” Colleluori, to find a way to ease the anxieties and burdens plaguing families affected by cancer.  At just 19 years old, Colleluori himself was terminally diagnosed with non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma and conceptualized the HEADstrong Foundation from his hospital bed.  The HEADstrong mission is to improve lives affected by cancer by inspiring change for real families, helping them to navigate

their cancer journey with greater dignity, clarity, normalcy and quality of life.  With an emphasis on tackling the accessibly and affordability of care, which Colleluori recognized as one of the most critically underserved areas and the one most taxing on his own family the organization was born.  An encounter with a financially exhausted family who was living out of their car in the hospital parking garage, shed light on another major problem facing the patient population; the availability of treatment.  This particular family traveled more than 1,000 miles so that their loved one could receive a potentially lifesaving bone marrow transplant but with amounting medical, household and travel related expenses this family had exhausted all of their available resources and were literally backed into a corner.  The Colleluori’s, who had an empty bedroom, embraced this family, extending to them the comforts of home for the duration of their stay in the Greater Philadelphia area.  In the latter part of Colleluori’s own battle, he and his family were displaced to Bethesda, MD for a clinical trial.  Nick Colleluori passed away on November 28, 2006 and his last wish was for others to benefit from his experience and for his family to see the HEADstrong Foundation into fruition.

Each month, more than 200 families travel to the Greater Philadelphia Region seeking cancer related treatment.  The availability of Nick’s House can be the deciding factor for patients and families being able to pursue leading-edge therapies or deciding against continued treatment because of financial or family circumstances.  With an average guest family stay of 6 weeks, Nick’s House will relieve a family of more than $10,000 in out of pocket expenses and will serve as a great compliment to the medical landscape of the region.

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