The HEADstrong Foundation and StringKing have teamed up to offer a line of limited edition HEADstrong lime green lacrosse heads, with proceeds supporting the HEADstrong Foundation and our mission to improve lives affected by cancer.

Mark 2A
The Mark 2A, built for attack, gives offensive players exceptional control, quick hands, and a fast, accurate release.

Mark 2V
The Mark 2V, built for versatility, delivers a balance of strength, control, and accuracy to the midfielder or all-around player.

Mark 2T
The Mark 2T, built for transition, combines punishing stiffness, ground ball dominance, and offensive execution for the transition-pushing player.

Mark 2D
The Mark 2D, built for defense, features an ultra-stiff construction and wider face shape designed for harder checks and better ground ball control.

Complete 2 Pro
Complete 2 Pro is the highest performing women’s lacrosse stick. The Midfield comes with an expertly strung, versatile, mid-high pocket with Type 4 mesh and premium carbon fiber lacrosse shaft.

Mark 2 Offense Head
The lightweight Mark 2 Offense lacrosse head features an aggressive face shape and focused high pocket for better ball control and faster shots.

Type 4 Mesh
The softer and thinner construction of Type 4 performance lacrosse mesh delivers better feel, more control, and unmatched consistency.

Composite Pro Shaft
The Women’s Composite Pro, made of the highest quality carbon fiber, provides ultra-consistent performance in a lightweight package. It also features a soft-touch coating that stays grippy in any conditions.

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