Wolensky Appointed to HEADstrong Lacrosse PA GM

(Holmes, PA) – The HEADstrong Lacrosse Club of Pennsylvania (HLCPA) is proud to announce the appointment of Jason Wolensky to General Manager.  Wolensky replaces Brian Neary, who proudly served the club for the past 3 years and will continue to stay involved as an advisory role.  During Neary’s tenure with HLCPA, Wolensky supported him as a head coach, establishing himself as an asset to the program.  Wolensky has been a teacher in the West Chester School District for the past 10 years and as an educator he understands the social pressures plaguing today’s athletes and embraces the importance of developing the complete student-athlete by balancing academics, community service as well as skill development and exposure, which he believes is an approach that will help to yield more positive transitional results for today’s players.  He brings a relentless passion for the game of lacrosse, an established resume and an equally matched commitment to upholding the values and integrity of the HEADstrong Foundation™.

What does it mean to you to be running the program?

“I feel very privileged to be given this incredible opportunity.  As a player, I was always motivated by inspirational stories of other people.  I don’t know of a better example of the lacrosse community rallying around one of its own in time of need then the story of Nick Colleluori.  It has been remarkable to see the Colleluori’s follow through on Nick’s dream and vision of helping others.

What is your hope for running the program?

“Coming into the role of GM for HLCPA, I really want to create the best experience possible for the high school players.  To me, that means playing against the best club teams, being competitive at all summer tournaments and helping provide guidance to families throughout the recruiting process.  In terms of the middle school players, it’s still about being competitive, but there should be more of a focus on good coaching, proper technique and team concepts.  Kids are playing much earlier, but they’re not always using the proper technique which is harder to work with from a college coach’s perspective. Proper technique can eliminate a lot of bad habits.”

What makes HLC a unique experience?

“A lot of the coaches are former HEADstrong players.  Anytime you have alumni coming back to help out or wanting to be a part of something that’s always a positive sign.  HEADstrong has teams all over the country.  It’s a national brand. People know the lime green laces.  They want to help and get involved.  Lacrosse is a big part of HEADstrong, but there are so many opportunities for players to get involved.”

“On behalf of the HEADstrong Foundation we wish to sincerely thank Brian Neary for his commitment to evolving the HEADstrong Lacrosse Club.  Under his direction the club has flourished and we are very fortunate to have him in our corner.  His dedication to our athletes, our families and most importantly are cause and helped set the tone for our future.   We are thrilled to introduce Jason Wolensky as the new General Manager for the program.  Jason has been involved with HLCPA for the past 4 years as a coach and has continually demonstrated his leadership both on and off the playing field.  We believe that he is the perfect fit for the role and has the best intensions for our program.  As both a high school teacher and a current DIII men’s lacrosse college coach, he possesses the maturity, knowledge, energy and passion to mold our players into successful student athletes.” said Michael Colleluori, VP HEADstrong and Nick’s Brother

About HEADstrong Lacrosse Club 

The HEADstrong Lacrosse Club operates as a division of the HEADstrong Foundation. While promoting blood cancer awareness on the playing field, players for Team HEADstrong are also committed to providing service to their local communities. Over the past five years the lacrosse club has established itself as a preeminent lacrosse organization that has grown nationally to provide an unmatched standard of excellence both athletically and academically.

HEADstrong Lacrosse Club identifies, recruits, trains, teaches and coaches players capable of, but more importantly committed to playing the sport of lacrosse at its highest level.

Both players and coaches serve as ambassadors for the sport, always ready to pass along knowledge that they have learned from their experience. They are committed to generating funds for players who through illness are no longer able to join them on the field. The actions taken in attaining these goals are consistent with the highest levels of citizenship, sportsmanship and fair play.

The goal of Team HEADstrong is to promote excellence within the game and create an unparalleled experience, sharing the importance of family, brotherhood and service within the sport of lacrosse. Emphasis is placed on gaining athletes exposure to college coaches of all levels and instilling character.

Please visit www.HEADstronglaxpa.org to learn more about the HEADstrong Lacrosse of Club of Pennsylvania.