Why Attack Cancer With Mike Savage

By Maggie Maier

Since he was young, Mike Savage has taken on the role of a servant leader in his community. The sophomore from Plaistow, New Hampshire was just four years old when his father, Stephen, was diagnosed with kidney cancer and seven years old when he passed away. As the Savages faced the cancer battle head on, they realized the scope of the disease’s impact on families. 


This inspired them to create a 5k race in their town called “Run of the Savages” in memory of Mike’s father. As the race heads into its eleventh year, Mike emphasizes the role that his community has played in his life since his father’s passing.


“When my dad died and I was young, I thought cancer was something not a lot of people experienced,” he explained. “Now that I’ve seen other people affected by it and heard their stories, it made me realize that it’s not a battle that just one person faces.” 


As he Attacks Cancer this lacrosse season, Mike is inspired by his father’s servant leadership as the former Plaistow Police Chief. He emphasizes that, despite the tough battle his family has faced, he has gained maturity through this experience. Mike encourages others to join the Attack Cancer campaign as a way to serve the community through the sport they love.


“Someone on your team could be battling a battle that you don’t even know about,” Mike explained. “The money someone raises could help people to not have to go through such tough times.”