Established in 2007, the HEADstrong Foundation has been serving cancer patients — as well as their family members — with services and support that helps improve their life. From financial grants to housing support, entertainment services to peer support, the HEADstrong Foundation is here to serve the needs of those who are battling cancer. If you or a loved one are seeking cancer treatments in the Greater Philadelphia area, and you are looking to make your life as comfortable and stress-free as possible, then the HEADstrong Foundation is here for you.

Here Is How We Help Improve the Lives of Those Fighting the Battle Against Cancer in Glenolden, PA

The HEADstrong Foundation was founded when Nick Colleluori, the founder of HEADstrong, received the life-changing diagnosis of Diffuse Large B-Cell non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma in 2005. After this diagnosis, Nick made it his mission to help others who were fighting their own battle with cancer, and although Nick lost his battle to cancer in 2006, his legacy lives on in the HEADstrong Foundation. For over a decade, the HEADstrong Foundation has proudly been providing the following services to cancer patients and families living in Glenolden, PA:

  • Nick’s House: We provide complimentary lodging — which is located in the Philadelphia metropolitan area — for cancer patients and their families who are coming from out-of-town to receive cancer treatments at a hospital in the Greater Philadelphia, PA area.
  • Financial Service: Thanks to our donors, we are able to provide cancer patients who are experiencing financial hardships because of their cancer diagnosis with financial aid.
  • Entertainment: Our team brings the best elements of the family dinner table to cancer patients in a hospital located in the Greater Philadelphia area. By serving home-style meals, as well as providing recreational activities to cancer patients and their families, we are able to make their stay at the hospital a little bit more enjoyable.
  • Peer Support: Cancer patients and their families need many different kinds of support, and one form we offer is peer support. This means that we connect a recently diagnosed cancer patient with someone who has been battling cancer themselves, or with someone who has survived their cancer battle.
  • We have been able to provide our services and support to those who live in Glenolden, PA thanks to the individuals and organizations who donate their time and resources to our Foundation.

    For Those Living in Glenolden, PA, Here Is How You Can Participate in the HEADstrong Foundation Fight

    Since our founding in 2007, we are proud to state that we have helped improve 16,860 lives of those who are affected by cancer, and we have raised $15.5 million dollars. Do you live in Glenolden, PA and are looking for ways to participate in our efforts? Here is how you can help:

  • Donate: Make a monetary donation. You can do this to simply help the lives of others, you can donate in honor of someone or you can donate in memory of someone. No matter what your reason may be for donating, please know that it will make a huge impact in a patient’s life.
  • Events: We understand that different events appeal to different people — that is why we host a variety of events throughout the year. Whether you choose to attend one (or all!) of our events, or you would like to volunteer at one (or all!) of our events, you will be playing an important role in supporting our efforts.
  • Partner: We offer corporate sponsor, royal agreement and in-kind donation partnership opportunities. We are forever thankful for all of our amazing partners and all of the support they provide. If you live in Glenolden, PA, and you are interested in becoming a HEADstrong Foundation partner, please contact us today!
  • Volunteer: Because different people are able to support our efforts in different ways, we offer different opportunities, such as volunteering at our Fundraising Campaigns or directly helping patients and their families. If you live in Glenolden, PA, we are always looking for more volunteers!
  • Shop: By purchasing products through our online store, you will be doing two things: 1) providing us with proceeds that will go towards helping cancer patients and their families, and 2) spreading awareness by wearing your HEADstrong Foundation around!
  • From Cancer Patient Services to Family Support, Our Goal Is to Help People Living With Cancer in Glenolden, PA

    Do you live in Glenolden, PA and recently received a cancer diagnosis? We want you to know that you are not alone, and the HEADstrong Foundation is here to help. Do you live in Glenolden, PA and want to support our foundation? We would love your support! Whether you are a cancer patient, a family member of a cancer patient or you are looking to help those who are battling cancer, we want you to contact us today! Please call us at 610-461-5987, email us at [email protected] or visit our website at www.headstrong.org.