Trevor McNaught

When & How I was diagnosed

On October 6th 2004 I was diagnosed with t-cell leukemia. One day after a soccer game I came how really tired and found it hard to breath. That was when my sister spotted lumps on the back of my neck. Then two days later I went to the Saint Peters Children’s Hospital and got an x-ray on my chest. They doctors saw a giant white blob in between my lungs that was pushing them apart. That was when I was diagnosed.

My Experience with Treatment

I had to go through three and a half years of chemotherapy and 12 days of cranial radiation. I needed 16 blood transfusions. Because of the chemotherapy I lost all my hair in kindergarten and it finally grew back in third grade. It was tough but I knew I could beat it if I tried and didn’t give up.

What I Have Learned

I learned that family and friends are really what is important when you are going through chemo. and the rest of treatment. I learned that if you don’t give up you can do anything that you want to.

How I am Feeling Now

Right now I play lacrosse and am feeling good and healthy. This year I played for a summer league called Team Turnpike and I got the number 27 and I felt that it was fate that gave me that number and I was proud to wear it. I play goalie year round and I love the position.

How I Got Involved

I started to get involved 2 years ago. When I heard about Nick’s story I was mad and frustrated that cancer took another fine person’s life from his loved ones. That was when I decided I want to put an end to people suffering and I want to help find a cure for blood cancer.