Tracy L.

The diagnosis

My husband, Bobb, was diagnosed in August of 2009 with B cell, indolent, nodal, stage 3 Non-hodgkins Lymphoma,  Bobb is also the father to 13 yr old Roseanna, a lacrosse goalie, and 9 yr old Meghan.

My treatment experiences

Bobb started chemotherapy on Labor day weekend of 2009.  His chemo lasted 6 1/2 hours for one day and then he had 3 weeks till the next round. He had cytoxin, vincristine, and rituxan.  I was by his side for every single treatment and we were determined to put it in remission. 8 rounds later he went for a CT scan and on March 3, 2010 the doctor said the best word we could every hear; remission.  He is currently on a 3 month cycle of maintenance and goes for the next CT scan in early June.

What I have learned

The most important thing in the process of treatment is attitude.  My husband has been so strong, with the support of family and friends around us, that his attitude was one of determination and strength.  He is a warrior.

How I am feeling now

Although Bobb has been “done” with treatment for almost 3 months, we find he still gets tired easily.  Truthfully, we will take getting tired over the threat of cancer any day. Our priorities have changed and being with our family and friends is the most important.  Life is too short to worry about the little things.  Live life to the fullest everyday!

How I got involved

Our 13 year old daughter has been playing lacrosse for several years.  She is a goalie and currently plays on a youth team, as well as the Western Mass select u15 team.  She found HEADstrong in the most recent US lacrosse magazine.  Within a day she was signed up for the scores for a cure program.  She has changed it up a bit though.  Being a goalie, she has made it “saves” for a cure. In 6 league games she has made 93 saves and has a personal goal of raising $1000.  I am so proud of her for taking a positive action for a cure!

My thoughts

I have always believed in karma.  I have always been the person to help others if I was given a chance.  This past year I have found how it comes back.  We have had so much support and prayers sent our directions from people in all parts of our life.  What goes around, comes around is also for the good.