Thousands Toss Their Razors Making Lacrosse Mustache Madness History

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(PHILADELPHIA) – It’s time to break out those razors, say goodbye to those lip warmers and celebrate Lacrosse Mustache Madness history!  Over the past six weeks, 3,130 college lacrosse players representing 136 teams made a major statement by growing their mustaches, raising money and participating in Lacrosse Mustache Madness.  The annual facial hair fundraising campaign, now in its 12th year, raised a staggering $445,700 this year in support of the HEADstrong Foundation and funding is continuing to pour in. 

Proceeds from Lacrosse Mustache Madness directly support the essential services provided by the HEADstrong Foundation on behalf of families overcome by cancer, including underwriting nights of lodging and accommodations at Nick’s House, a guest residence operated by the organization for families displaced in the pursuit of advanced cancer care.  In addition, HEADstrong has already earmarked support for Chad Stowell and several other collegiate lacrosse players navigating their cancer fight.  

Over the past six weeks, growers and teams have been competing against one another to crack the Lax Stache Leaderboard.  This campaign presents three coveted titles including: Top Individual Fundraiser, Top Fundraising Team as well as the Champion of the National LaxStache-Off Against Cancer, which is a 4-week tournament in which all teams are seeded, bracketed and pinned against real competition and go head-to-head in live rounds with teams out-raising their opponents, surviving and advancing until one team is crowned the National Lax Stache Champion.  

This year, all of the teams outdid themselves but in the end it was Endicott College Men’s Lacrosse who led the pack raising $22,291.60.  Colorado College Men’s Lacrosse finished in the #2 position with $21,148.27 followed by St. Bonaventure University Men’s Lacrosse in the #3 slot with $20,400.50.  It was the first time in campaign history that three teams surpassed the $20,000 fundraising mark.  Johns Hopkins University earned the #4 slot with $16,531.51 raised, followed by #5 Highland Park Lacrosse at $14,363.14, #6 Boston University Men’s Lacrosse with $12,727.60, #7 Wentworth Institute of Technology Men’s Lacrosse at $11,678.28, #8 University of Maryland with $11,173.11, #9 Colby College Men’s Lacrosse at $10,385.89 and #10 Saint Lawrence University Men’s Lacrosse with $9,595.57.

Of the 3,130 Growers who participated this year, it was Will Levine, a student-athlete from Endicott College currently battling non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma who dominated the fundraising effort.  His  inspirational story, positive attitude and relentless spirit captivated the competition.  Levine set a new Individual Fundraising Record with $15,340.64 raised.  Trystan Uphoff of Johns Hopkins University Men’s Lacrosse held onto the #2 spot with $11,239.60 raised followed by former Lax Stache Champion Rich Moses of Highland Park who raised $9,479.78.  Former Lax Stache Champion Ben Kaminow representing Syracuse University Men’s Lacrosse captured the #4 spot with $3,788.97, followed by campaign co-founder Todd Faiella who raised $3,619.20, #6 Cam Germain of St. Bonaventure’s University Men’s Lacrosse who raised 3,446.98, #7 Nick Lipsher of Washington & Lee University Men’s Lacrosse who raised $2,889.36, #8 Noah Beecher of Colorado College Men’s Lacrosse who raised $2,639.46, #9 Ben Tishgart of Colorado College Men’s Lacrosse who raised $2,514.78 and #10 Connor Desimone of Johns Hopkins University Men’s Lacrosse who raised $2,509.20.      

With amazing contests and challenges, the campaign was already out to a historic start but things really began to cook with the National LaxStache-Off Against Cancer bracket tournament which started during the first week of November.  This year, 136 teams were seeded into 14 divisions.  Teams were paired against real competition and those outraising their opponent during the allotted time, survived and advanced to the next round and so forth.   

2020 National LaxStache-Off Divisional Champions 

Anchor Division – Syracuse University Men’s Lacrosse 

Caterpillar Division – Wentworth Institute of Technology Men’s Lacrosse 

Chevron Division – Harvard University Men’s Lacrosse 

Comb Division – Robert Morris University Men’s Lacrosse 

Flavor Savor Division – Boston University Men’s Lacrosse 

Fu Man Chu Division – Towson University Men’s Lacrosse 

Handlebar Division – Wesleyan University Men’s Lacrosse 

Horseshoe Division – Bentley University Men’s Lacrosse 

Imperial Division – Colorado College Men’s Lacrosse 

Lip Duster Division – Colby College Men’s Lacrosse 

Lip Warmer Division – Ohio State University Men’s Lacrosse

Shadow Division – Wilmington University Men’s Lacrosse 

Stubble Division – Marietta College Men’s Lacrosse 

Walrus Division – Arcadia University Men’s Lacrosse 

On November 18th, the 14 divisional champions, alongside two wild card picks (Dickinson College Men’s Lacrosse and Saint Lawrence University Men’s Lacrosse), advanced to the Sweet Stache 16 and began duking it out for their chance at Lax Stache glory.  After four rounds, it was Wentworth Institute of Technology Men’s Lacrosse and Colorado College Men’s Lacrosse who were left standing.  In the end it was Colorado College Men’s Lacrosse who claimed the National LaxStache-Off Championship!       

“This year has been full of interesting challenges and with these changes impacting the landscape of collegiate athletic programs we were apprehensive regarding tasking teams with anything but we never doubted things for a minute,” said Ken Clausen, Campaign Founder. “ In working so closely with teams nationwide, we’ve witnessed every type of scenario imaginable from teams training and studying remotely to school closures to small team workouts to full team scrimmages.  But despite the diversity, the distance, the limitations, the restrictions and obstacles, we witnessed teams coming together in a way that we’ve never seen before.  We saw unity, solidarity, respect, unconditional support for each other.  We saw relationships that refused to be defined by their limitations.  We saw maturity, leadership, selflessness and relentlessness!  Through Lacrosse Mustache Madness we saw an upswell of positivity and excitement, resulting in not only the largest individual and team participation but in the most funds ever recorded in campaign history.  We are truly humbled and eternally grateful in this incredible act of generosity and support.” 

“We are emotional and humbled to share the news of our most successful Lacrosse Mustache Madness campaign,” said Cheryl Colleluori, HEADstrong President & Nick’s Mom.  “On behalf of the HEADstrong Foundation, the Colleluori family and those who rely on our services, we extend our sincere appreciation and gratitude to everyone who made this possible.  Thank you for bleeding this cause, for believing in us and for carrying Nick’s torch.  Just a few short days ago, our family observed the 14th anniversary of our Nick’s passing and while emotional, seeing thousands of athletes around the country carrying his spirit, making a difference and allowing us to be the resource that he wished for our family, warms our hearts and strengthens us.  Know that we are working harder than ever, to play our position and strengthen our commitment to those we serve, especially our collegiate brethren in the fight.  Thank you for being part of our Nick’s vision and helping to change the game for families overcome by cancer.  The funds raised through Lacrosse Mustache Madness will allow more families to pursue the best possible treatments, hopefully giving them the best odds at winning their fight against cancer.  Your generosity will allow HEADstrong to provide an additional 2,938 nights of comfort, support and respite at Nick’s House for those seeking comprehensive cancer care and lifesaving clinical trials.”  

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