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Tee Off Against Blood Cancer Drives Home The Meaning of HEADstrong

Holmes, PA – On Friday October 26, 2012, the HEADstrong Lacrosse Club of Southeastern Pennsylvania hosted their Inaugural Tee Off Against Blood Cancer successfully generating over $5,000 for their parent organization the HEADstrong Foundation at Springfield Country Club in Springfield, Pennsylvania.

The event served as just one of the many ways that families associated with the club team are actively involved in making a difference in supporting the HEADstrong mission during the year. Aside from playing lacrosse the HEADstrong Lacrosse Club emphasizes the importance of developing character and instilling values by positively engaging and empowering their players and families to participate in several community outreach initiatives and fundraising efforts as part program.

A beautiful fall day set the tone for the event with many golfers and their families in attendance. A great day of golf and networking ensued followed by a luncheon, silent auction and inspirational words from HEADstrong President Cheryl Colleluori.

After a great summer together, this golf outing was conceptualized by a group of parents who wanted to stay in touch during the traditional off season. Led by Darin DiPasquale, Tom Reiley and Joe Tordone the event in its first year accomplished exactly what it was intended to do, gather both parents and supporters of the lacrosse club. Plans are already underway for next year’s outing in which players will be involved.

“At HEADstrong we are committed to building a wonderful experience for our players and their families. Outside of playing the sport at its most competitive level we are committed to providing opportunities that will engage our players and their families in understanding the true meaning of our game. We view Lacrosse as an opportunity to develop lifelong friendships and a platform for making a difference in the community. In our program we have many wonderful families who understand the vision of our Founder Nick Colleluori. The Tee Off Against Blood Cancer was a huge success because of the hard work and commitment of our parents. We wish to thank them for believing in who we are and what we are trying to accomplish.” Brian Neary, HEADstrong General Manager

“The outing was such a great way to gather our supporters and HEADstrong lacrosse families in the off-season. Our families are what make HEADstrong truly successful. It was really special to see these committed families working together to support our vision through this event. What we have learned over the years is that great things happen when people work together towards a common goal. It takes dedication and passion to accomplish great things and we believe that we have that from our supporters and families. We wish to thank the golf outing organizers, participants, sponsors and families that made this event so amazing to be part of. Your efforts and hard work is truly appreciated.” Cheryl Colleluori, HEADstrong President and Nick’s Mom

About The HEADstrong Lacrosse Club

The HEADstrong Lacrosse Club operates as a division of the HEADstrong Foundation. While promoting blood cancer awareness on the playing field, players for Team HEADstrong are also committed to providing service to their local communities. Over the past five years the lacrosse club has established itself as a preeminent lacrosse organization that has grown nationally to provide an unmatched standard of excellence both athletically and academically.

HEADstrong Lacrosse Club identifies, recruits, trains, teaches and coaches players capable of, but more importantly committed to playing the sport of lacrosse at its highest level.

Both players and coaches serve as ambassadors for the sport, always ready to pass along knowledge that they have learned from their experience. They are committed to generating funds for players who through illness are no longer able to join them on the field. The actions taken in attaining these goals are consistent with the highest levels of citizenship, sportsmanship and fair play.

The goal of Team HEADstrong is to promote excellence within the game and create an unparalleled experience, sharing the importance of family, brotherhood and service within the sport of lacrosse. Emphasis is placed on gaining athletes exposure to college coaches of all levels and instilling character.