Southwestern Univ. Green Out

GEORGETOWN, Texas – The Southwestern lacrosse team will not only be honoring their seniors at the final home game Saturday at 1 p.m., they are also sponsoring a HEADstrong game to raise awareness of blood cancer.

The SU lacrosse team started the campaign in 2011, dedicating their season to a child, Brady, who suffered from Acute Myelogenous Leukemia (AML). The knowledge of Brady and what he and his family experienced was extremely inspirational to the entire Pirate team. This year they have decided to take on another challenge and not only support Brady but also to support a higher awareness for all of the blood cancers that affect so many families today around the world. Cancer has in one way or another affected the lacrosse family. Teammates have family members and friends that have been stricken with these diseases. By hosting the HEADstrong game, it not only allows Southwestern lacrosse to support this fight but it also allows for the information to spread to everyone involved in the Southwestern community.

“It is our goal, by having this game, that we will help the Headstrong Foundation with their mission of spreading awareness of all cancers, specifically blood cancers,” states senior Donnie Murray.

HEADstrong’s founder, Nicholas Colleluori, believed that the vibrancy of lime green made a powerful statement while conveying unspoken meaning and for that reason the Pirates are encouraging all fans to show their support by donning lime green attire for Saturday’s contest. Since 2006 the HEADstrong Foundation has utilized the color lime green to signify awareness and represent the patients, survivors and victims of blood cancer. Lime green has become synonymous with the HEADstrong Foundation and is incorporated into all of their logos, uniforms, merchandise and promotional literature. The HEADstrong Foundation is committed to protecting the integrity behind this very meaningful color. Nick’s relentless determination lives on through the HEADstrong Foundation today and the neon green color is worn by Lacrosse players around the globe for a reason.

HEADstrong’s mission is “to carry on the legacy and vision of the HEADstrong founder Nicholas Colleluori through supporting those affected by blood cancer and those also working towards eliminating it.”

Nicholas Colleluori was a lacrosse player that attended Hofstra University and was diagnosed with Non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma during his time there. While he was sick and undergoing treatment, he began counseling other patients and began laying the framework for what would become the HEADstrong Foundation. HEADstrong bases and provides support within the lacrosse community by assisting financially and emotionally to families that are struggling with the hardships experienced by those who are caring for a family member with blood cancer.

The HEADstrong Foundation, Nicholas Colleluori, and Southwestern Lacrosse team hopes that everyone will come out on April 21st at 1 p.m. and wear your green proudly to support this mission!

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