Score for a Cure 2010

HEADstrong Foundation Announces Score for a Cure Results

The HEADstrong Foundation is pleased to announce that the 2010 Score for a Cure program has generated approximately $53,000 towards its mission. It is no coincidence that 27 participants will receive a Limited edition Cascade Pro 7 helmet made especially for the foundation.

The Foundation is so grateful to the participants who recognized our cause and joined our Team of Champions in the fight against blood cancer. Thank you so much for all your hard work in raising awareness about blood cancer in your community and funds toward blood cancer research.

The foundation recognizes the efforts of the parents and coaches for supporting your children in this campaign. You have been instrumental in building character in our youth and we applaud your effort.

The top producing team was Team Relentless raising approximately $30,000, they are the recipients of the Brine Tune-Up Clinic next spring.

We recognize and thank the following participants for helping us get a”HEAD” of cancer:

Team 27 Team Relentless Roy Bustamante
Blake Berk Avery Beck Joe Baker
Andrew Blume Sage Devault Allyson Trachtenberg
Matthew Costanzo Ravi Dhouni Lucas Candella
Harrison Evans Chaz Dotson Jason Crane
Riley Finn Hunter Edington Paul Salamy Jr
Nick Georgagi Teddy Finley Michael Faraone
Branden Henry Gunner Garm Maggie Root
Chris Heximer Peyton Garrett Jamie Borkowicz
Jake Hines Tucker Guyot Jack Meister
Palmer Knutson Rome Innocenzi Joseph Addona
Jake Marthens Mitchell Kingsley Eric Watson
AJ O’hara Brenden Lynch Kenyon Winkky
Kelly O’Leary Yuta Murata Ian Cook
Jake Ricci Logan Olmsted Joey Rutan
Cole Roberson Chris Reck Billy Keefe
Jake Schleppy Hayden Ruiz Joel Green
Jefferson Webster Quinn Toohey Carter McCormick
Justin Witkin Max Vought Jeremy Small
Brad Matzek – Coach Blake Warner Alex Ingram
Brian Eisenberg – Coach Zack Wiser Michael Sagaert
Roseanne Lacas