Ride for a cause with Riding aHEAD of Cancer

Here at HEADstrong we are starting something new and we want to bring you along for the ride!

Like so many people across the country, many members of the HEADstrong community have been bitten by the cycling bug, both inside and outside, during quarantine. With that, we’re excited to announce the Riding aHEAD of Cancer campaign, which falls under the Team HEADstrong umbrella. 

Sarah Kurpel

To lead the charge, Sarah Kurpel has joined the team as a Community Outreach Specialist for Team HEADstrong. Kurpel, a Delaware County native and former college athlete and coach at Neumann University, will be the point person for the campaign. 

Like so many people across the country, Kurpel caught the spinning bug during quarantine in 2020 with some at-home workouts. 

“I miss the camaraderie of going to the gym and in-person spin class, but I’ve been able to fill in that void with riding at home with my Peloton digital app and Kieser bike,” she said. “I loved how Team HEADStrong brought us all together virtually with their 5k this summer and I wanted to find a way to give back too!”

For Kurpel, the mission of HEADstrong is a personal one and she is looking forward to marrying her newfound love of spinning with helping others. 

“My mom has had multiple run-ins with cancer over the years, and if she wasn’t able to access the care we are lucky to have in our backyard in Philadelphia, things could’ve turned out differently for her,” Kurpel explained. “She told me on multiple occasions she didn’t know what she would’ve done without her family’s support. People need the HEADStrong family for support too. I’m excited to engage the riding community to help as many people as we can.

At Nick’s House, families are able to stay healthy and de-stress on a Peloton bike that was generously donated by the company and through Riding aHEAD of Cancer the organization is bringing the entire HEADstrong community together on rides.

To get involved, pledge your performance in any way you’d like. If it’s on wheels, you can ride with HEADstrong! Start with pledging one class, one ride or an amount of miles – it is completely up to you.

Join Riding aHEAD of Cancer HERE and make sure to tag HEADstrong as your ride on social media at @HEADstrongFND and #RidingaHEADofCancer