Nick’s Letter

To My Nicholas,

Not a day goes by that my heart doesn’t ache for you.   But because of you and the organization you created, I have met and been able to share your story with so many amazing people.  With each person I meet and every story of hope I hear, I’m constantly reminded of you and the relentless battle you waged.

When I visit the hospital, I still feel you beside me. I can see you talking to each of the patients, comforting them and inspiring them to battle onward with an unwavering spirit. When we are at an awareness event, I see you working the tent alongside our staff, spreading the message about the cause. When a new family arrives at Nick’s House, I see you rushing outside to greet them, welcoming them to your beautiful vision of complimentary living accommodations.

I often ask myself, what you would say about our progress over the eight years since you handed me the napkin with the hand-drawn HEADstrong logo on it.  Even though you’re not physically here, I can hear your answer; “I’m proud of what we’ve accomplished so far, but we have only just begun.”

The number 27, your number, represents your tenacity and relentless nature. When you met a challenge, you rallied your team and your family to overcome it.  With this same spirit, we press forward and we’ll rally the team for you.  I promised you I would lead your organization, I promise to keep fighting until we rid the world of this terrible disease.

We are going to take the next 27 months to push harder than ever before as we begin our first official volunteer and donor campaign, Step aHEAD 27, to ensure that your legacy continues.

I pledge to you that over the next 27 months, we will increase donations and support of the Foundation by 27% or more, with the goal of raising $4.27 million or more.  We will sustain our commitment ensuring 90 cents of every dollar directly benefits cancer patients and their families. This will allow us to grow upon the quality of life programs and dedicated volunteer pool that enable us to further your vision and have a true impact in your memory.

A mother’s love, my love for you, transcends time and space. Although we aren’t together right now, I know you are in everything we do. Everything I do, I do for you.

For You,