A letter from Coach Faraone, New Hyde Park P.A.L. 1st and 2nd grade team

New Hyde Park P.A.L.

Hello My Name is Michael Faraone. I was a coach For New Hyde Park P.A.L. 1st and 2nd grade team. I have attached a picture of the team and a second picture of my son Michael #15 and Jimmy O’Connell #14, just two of the many boys who help raise almost $1100.00 from the parents of the team by scoring plenty of goals. These kids knew that every goal scored was going to help someone with cancer and they played every game with heart and determination. This same team the year before (not a part of score for cure) scored just 2 goals in 7 games. This year, they scored 37 goals in 7 games.

When I came across your foundation after seeing the laces and doing some research I needed to get involved. First of all I love the sport of Lacrosse (my son does to) and my father lost his battle with cancer over 10 years ago. Next year we are hoping to get started earlier and raise more. We are so excited!

Thank you so much for doing what you do. We will do “OUR” part from this point forward to help keep Nick’s vision alive.

Thank You,
Michael Faraone

New Hyde Park P.A.L.

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