Molly Piveral

When & How I was diagnosed

My son was diagnosed with acute lymphatic leukemia on Friday, August 13, 2004. He was nine years old. He received 2 1/2 years of chemotherapy. He was incredibly strong. He spoke the words “failure is not on option”, a brave and encouraging statement for a child so young. He ran, did push-ups and pull ups all through treatment. He joined his middle school track team to stay in shape. His first love is motocross, but while in middle school his P.E. coach shared lacrosse with him. He joined a pick up league last year and hopes to make the high school team this fall. It is a sport that persistence and patience both characteristics needed to battle a life threatening illness. I am grateful he enjoys playing!!!

My experiences with treatment

Treatment was difficult but Kyle was always able to put things in perspective. He was always concerned for others. On several occasions he stated that other kids had it much worse. He did what was needed in order to put it behind him and keep living. He is HEADstrong and it helped him survive.

What I have learned

I think he has learned to be strong no matter what you face in life. I think he knows things can always be worse and most importantly he knows how to live life to the fullest.

How I am feeling now

Kyle is great. We see the oncologist every 4 months and each visit continues to bring good news.

How I got involved

We first heard it mentioned at a lacrosse training we attended and then most recently in Lacrosse magazine.

My thoughts

As a parent of cancer patient, I just want to say thanks. Cancer is not something you ever expect to hear about your child. I am grateful that there are more and more organizations willing to support the cause. Cancer treatment takes a toll emotionally, physically and financially. Every time our family views new means of support it gives you hope for the future.