Dealing with childhood cancer is extremely difficult. In addition to serious concerns regarding your child’s health and safety, you have to deal with the financial, emotional, and residential troubles that come along with it as well. All of the stress leaves many wondering, “where is the best children’s cancer foundation near me?” HEADstrong Foundation exists to relieve the stress and provide resources for cancer patients and their families in Delaware County and the surrounding area. Our mission is most especially evident in the services we provide to individuals and families who are dealing with cancer. Over the years, we have proudly exercised our mission statement through HEADtable, financial assistance, Nick’s House, and peer support.


HEADtable was created to address the isolation that comes with receiving cancer treatment in a hospital. This program provides patients and families with a sense of normalcy through nourishing meals and fun entertainment. Inspiration for this service stemmed when our founder, Nick Colleluori, requested that his family serve a Thanksgiving feast at the Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania, where he was receiving treatment. Since its commencement, the HEADtable program has expanded to several annual events, such as ice cream socials, bingo nights, magic shows, and more holiday dinners. 

Financial Assistance

Unfortunately, treating cancer comes with an expensive price tag. At HEADstrong, it is our goal to take the financial burden of a cancer diagnosis off your plate. Our financial assistance service was created to provide financial relief to patients and their families who are experiencing financial hardship and qualify based on federal guidelines. To aid in this, we rely on the generosity of the community for support. Our Relief Fund Program allows patients and families to partner with our team at HEADstrong to create a fundraiser that will help support the financial needs of your loved ones. 

Nick’s House

Oftentimes, receiving high-quality cancer treatment requires families to lodge closer to the treatment location. This is not financially viable for many people, which can force them to find treatment elsewhere. To ensure patients receive the best treatment possible, HEADstrong has created Nick’s House, residential options just outside the city where patients and families can stay while they are being treated. For more information on eligibility for Nick’s House, please click here

Peer Support

HEAD2head was created to address the emotional needs of newly diagnosed cancer patients, as the process can be overwhelming and scary for many. This program gives diagnosed cancer patients access to a wide network of other patients and survivors. 

HEADstrong Services

Everything we do at HEADstrong Foundation is completed with our mission statement in mind: We are relentless in improving the quality of life for those affected by cancer. Our services are yet another way we help offer financial, residential, and emotional support to families affected by cancer. For more information on our services at HEADstrong Foundation, please contact us or click here. We look forward to providing you and your family with the much-needed support during this process.