Children’s cancer foundation near me” is something we hope no one ever has to search, but if you find yourself in need of support, the HEADstrong Foundation is here to help. The late Nicholas Colleluori, our founder’s, last wish that others would benefit from his journey with cancer served as the inspiration for beginning the HEADstrong Foundation for families in Chester County and the surrounding areas. Our mission is to improve lives affected by cancer through financial, residential, and emotional support. Since 2007, we have made this possible through the specialized services the directly address the insecurities patients and families face while battling cancer.

The HEADtable Program

The HEADtable Program provides cancer patients in Philadelphia and New York with delicious meals and fun entertainment while they are receiving treatment in the hospital. The idea of this type of program sprouted from another one of Nick’s final requests. While he was being treated at the Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania, he asked that his parents serve a Thanksgiving feast. Hospital treatments can be a very lonely time for patients, especially during the holidays. The HEADtable Program strives to bring a smile to their faces through the joy of food and activities such as bingo nights, magic shows, and ice cream socials. 

Nick’s House

Philadelphia is home to some of the best cancer treatment facilities in the country and many families travel to the area for their loved ones. As amazing as this is, it also puts a financial strain on families, as they are forced to pay for housing in the area. Nick’s House was created to provide these families with complimentary housing in the Philadelphia metropolitan area, where they can stay for the duration of their treatment. We hope that the existence of Nick’s House allows no one to turn down the decision to receive life-saving treatment because of financial hardships. 

Financial Assistance With the HEADstrong Foundation

Another service we offer at HEADstrong that addresses the financial hardships of cancer is the Relief Fund Program. For those that meet certain criteria based on federal guidelines, we offer financial grants that will take care of some of the costs associated with a cancer diagnosis. We are proud to say that we have funded more than $500,000 to 1,545 families in need. 


While it is extremely unfortunate that so many people battle cancer, we have found a way to take advantage of the huge network of cancer patients and survivors through one of our programs. The HEAD2head was introduced to provide newly diagnosed cancer patients with peer-to-peer support and guidance. The emotional effects of battling cancer can be overwhelming and difficult to deal with. HEAD2head works to form lifelong connections and a glimmer of hope. 

Our Continued Impact

HEADstrong is the adult and children’s cancer foundation that is here to provide you with financial, emotional, and residential support. Dealing with cancer is not easy, but we hope our efforts can ease the pain for patients and families in any way possible.