Lax Stache Week 1 Report

Lax Stachers,

For those of you who are new to the campaign; we wish to welcome you the 7th installment of Lacrosse Mustache Madness. All across the country lacrosse players are tossing their razors and we are out to our best start yet. With just one week into the campaign we have raised a record breaking Week 1 total of $41,127.00, which is an increase of over $27,051.50 versus years past. We have more than 567 participants representing over 54 fundraising teams. We are honestly very humbled by the immediate call to action in support of those devastated by the realities of cancer. We have seen the addition of so many new teams to the campaign this year, which is going to make this year one of the most competitive years yet! We still have a long-way to go, but this is the type of start we have always envisioned and we truly thank you for your commitment and efforts.

Week 2 Challenge
We are just 6 days from the start of November, which is the traditional facial hair growing season. Each of you has a network of friends, current/former teammates and colleagues. Challenge them to Get Growing by registering themselves and their teams at Challenge them to grow $1,000 for the cause or have them compete against you. Let’s see just how many lax stachers and fundraising teams we can get signed up! The more people we have fundraising the easier hitting our fundraising goal becomes!

Below are the results from Week 1

Week 1 – Top 5 Fundraising Teams
Elmira College Men’s Lacrosse – $3,304.43
Mount Saint Mary’s Men’s Lacrosse-$3,025.98
University of Scranton Men’s Lacrosse – $2,927.69
HEADstrong Texas – $2,722.11
Bowdoin Men’s Lacrosse – $1810.64

Week 1 – Top Individual Fundraisers
Rich Moses $2,722
Anthony Bourdon $1,337
Peter Prescott $1,037
Nate Cornblatt $1,033
Jonathan Hernandez $969

Week 1 – Staches of the Week Winner
Arizona Laxcats Men’s Lacrosse

Week 1 – Most Fundraisers Registered
University of Delaware Men’s Lacrosse – 58

With Halloween just a few days away this is the perfect time to get growing. Aside from helping the cause, growers are competing for some incredible prizes including a Grand Prize of VIP 3-day passes to 1 of 3 2016 Summer Music Festivals including Firefly Music Festival™ in Dover, DE. In addition, HEADstrong and Warrior has introduced a limited edition collection of Lax Stache apparel and equipment which will also incorporated into the mix.

2015 Lax Stache Madness Incentive Levels
$75 – $200 Limited Edition LMM Pom Beanie
$201 – $300 Limited Edition LMM Tie Dye Tank and Socks $301 – $500 Limited Edition LMM Shorts and Shooter $501 – $800 $100 Gift Card to
$801 -$1,000 Limited Edition LMM Warrior Head
Above $1000 Limited Edition LMM Burn Gloves

5 Easy Steps To Get Growing
1) Toss Your Razors This Fall (Through 11/30) – Already Have A Stache Your Ahead Of The Game.
2) Get Growing – Create Your Customized Fundraising Page at
3) Rally Your Teammates To Grow Their Mustaches and Compete
4) Imbed Your Fundraising Link Into All Communication and Social Posts
5) Ignite Your Network To Donate – Supporters Are Encouraged To Give Throughout the Campaign.

Over the next 5 weeks leading up to the Thanksgiving holiday, follow Ken Clausen as he chronicles the Lax Stache Madness through social media, emails, blogs and videos.

Twitter: @LaxMustache, #RespectTheStache
Instagram: @LaxMustache

Keep up the great work and keep posting your stache pics and be sure to use #RespectTheStache so that we can recognize your efforts. We are looking forward to another record breaking week!

Thank you so much. Let’s Keep It Growing!

For Nick,
Ken Clausen, Stache Master
HEADstrong Foundation