Lacrosse Mustache Madness Adds Master’s Division Through Summit Lacrosse Ventures Partnership


Postcollegiate Division for Lacrosse Mustache Madness


(PHILADELPHIA) – The annual Lacrosse Mustache Madness campaign is back for an impressive 12th year, delivering a can’t-miss way for teams to compete against one another while helping families fighting cancer who are at the highest risk of contracting COVID-19. New for 2020 is the creation of the Lax Stache Master’s Division in partnership with Summit Lacrosse Ventures (SLV).

The Lax Stache Master’s Division presented by SLV is intended to further engage lifelong laxers and add a new layer to the fundraiser that targets postcollegiate, alumni and master’s level players and teams. SLV’s 30 years of experience with this audience, including the storied Lake Placid Summit Classic (a pilgrimage within the lacrosse community) creates a perfect partnership.

While Lacrosse Mustache Madness has historically been focused on collegiate lacrosse players, organizers Ken Clausen and Pat Colleluori recognized a huge opportunity to engage a wider audience of former participants, program alumni, donors, and those who continue to play the game professionally or in men’s club leagues, a demographic that both Clausen and Colleluori fall in to.

To facilitate their idea, the duo solicited assistance from SLV Brand Director and longtime HEADstrong supporter Kevin Leveille. Leveille and SLV manage relationships with Master’s level programs across the country through their event business. Looking to strengthen their commitment to the cause, the Lax Stache Master’s Division was born. SLV will be leading communication and marketing efforts to empower their audience to grow their mustaches and fundraise.

“As an organization and as a family, we fully support the amazing efforts of the HEADstrong Foundation on behalf of families overcome by cancer. We are proud to stand with the organization and are excited to help expand an amazing fall tradition in our sport through the creation of the Lax Stache Master’s Division. We look forward to using our platform to advocate on behalf of cause and empower all of our Master’s players and teams to join us for Lacrosse Mustache Madness,” said Kevin Leveille, SLV Brand Director.

In this inaugural year of the Lax Stache Master’s Division, HEADstrong has created one team in which ANY postcollegiate aged player or team can join at Registration is NOW open!

“We are thrilled to announce the creation of the Lax Stache Master’s Division through our new partnership with Summit Lacrosse Ventures. We believe that the creation of the new division will be a great step in furthering the campaign as it targets a demographic of supporters that can grow facial hair, are passionate about the game and statistically at an age in which they are more likely to have been impacted by cancer. Having created the campaign in 2009, our original class is now in their mid-30’s and we’d love to re-engage them as well as team alumni and those starting or continuing to play the game well after college. Having worked closely with Summit Lacrosse Ventures through association with the Lake Placid Summit Classic we felt that they would be an incredible partner and we are truly honored to have their commitment,” said Ken Clausen, LMM Founder.

About The Campaign

Registration is NOW open and will continue through the duration of the campaign. Visit to get your fundraising team setup. The Lacrosse Mustache Madness fundraising competition officially starts on October 19th. Be sure to follow the action at @LaxStacheMadness and @HEADstrongFND.

Lacrosse Mustache Madness finds thousands of student-athletes tossing their razors and using their mustaches to secure online donations to honor HEADstrong founder Nicholas Colleluori. The campaign begins October 19th, Nick’s birthday, and concludes on November 28th, the anniversary of his untimely passing. Proceeds directly support the essential services provided by the HEADstrong Foundation including residential, financial, and peer-to-peer support services.

Lacrosse Mustache Madness was created by former professional lacrosse player and UVA standout Ken Clausen, who was inspired to use his own facial hair to honor HEADstrong founder Nicholas “HEAD” Colleluori, an NCAA lacrosse player from Hofstra University who was terminally diagnosed with cancer in 2005. Colleluori’s public fight from the sidelines captivated the nation and from his hospital bed he created an organization focused on empowering student-athletes to improve lives affected by the disease. After enduring 14-months of treatment, Colleluori tossed his razor and grew a mustache in the last weeks of his life as an emotional buffer due to his declining physical appearance. In an uncontrollable situation, Colleluori’s mustache was a positive buffer and conversation starter which was also a way for him to feel “normal” again.

To date, more than 14,000 collegiate student-athletes, representing more than 327 colleges and universities have participated in Lacrosse Mustache Madness. Additionally, the campaign has engaged more than 24,701 donors having raised more than $1,513,284.75 to support families overcome by cancer and fund nights at Nick’s House for families displaced in the pursuit of treatment.

Learn more about how you can use your mustache and facial hair to improve lives affected by cancer at or