Kameron Andrews Runs For Team HEADstart

HEADstrong Supporter’s,

I am running the Beach to Beacon in August here in Maine. Please support me as I try to raise money for HEADstrong Foundation. Click Here to find my fundraising page and please support me in my efforts!

Team HEADstart is a program, specifically created to carry on the legacy and vision of HEADstrong founder Nicholas Colleluori through advocating, fundraising and supporting those affected by blood cancer and those working towards eliminating it.

I was first introduced to Nick’s story by my involvement with lacrosse and my curriosty of the lime green laces. I was immediately inspired!!

For walkers, runners, cyclists, swimmers, and triathlons who would like their training and hardwork to go towards a great cause, please join me for those who cannot!

Wear Lime Green For A Reason, Join The HEADstrong Movement!!!

HEADstrong Foundation

The HEADstrong Foundation was started in 2005, when Nicholas “HEAD” Colleluori was diagnosed with non-Hodgkin lymphoma, an aggressive type of blood cancer that affects the lymphatic system. During his relentless 14 month battle with this disease, undergoing intense chemotherapy, radiation, a stem cell transplant and experimental treatments, Nick was determined to start a foundation that would support the blood cancer community. He created the name HEADstrong through his childhood nickname “HEAD” and the word “strong” defining his mental and physical toughness. Despite his deteriorating health, Nick spent many hours working on his laptop learning about non-profit organizations and creating word documents of what he envisioned. Days before his passing, Nick’s energy for others was communicated to his family and he made them promise that they would see his vision come to reality. Although, on November 28th, 2006 Nick ultimately lost his life to lymphoma, he established the framework for the HEADstrong Foundation and has impacted the lives of thousands of people. The HEADstrong Foundation for blood cancer is committed to finding a cure for all blood cancers. The foundation is dedicated to its founder Nicholas Colleluori. The foundation strives on Nick’s quote, “Making use of the time you have and don’t stress the little things. Have a smile and enjoy what you can get out of life.”


While the HEADstrong Foundation has always received unconditional support for blood cancer research from members of the Lacrosse community, there are many individuals and atheletes outside of sport of Lacrosse who have wanted to contribute to the cause. Team HEADstart gives walkers, runners, cyclists, swimmers, and triathletes, the opportunity to train and raise funds for the HEADstrong foundation. Whether your event is 5k walk/run or a distance triathalon, rest assure you will be empowered to train hard and be Relentless, all while doing it for a great cause and in the honor of a great individual, Nick Colleluori.

Thank you!

Kameron Andrews