Joseph Clifford

I was in the hospital with Leukemia during the Thanksgiving feast organized by the HEADstrong Foundation.  It was the best Thanksgiving of my life.  I was blown away to  see how much people cared.  There were in all total 26 of my family members in attendance.  It was only for a few hours but I felt like I was back home with my family with no worry about cancer or being in the hospital.  It meant so much to me that I promised the Colleluori family that next year I would be volunteering with the foundation.  I have been lucky enough to be able to keep that promise.  In 2009, just 7 months after my stem cell transplant, I helped with the feast.  Nick wanted to help other people at their time of need.  In remembering Nick’s spirit, I will do everything I can to carry on his mission.

Be Relentless,
Joseph Clifford III