Jarrettsville Elementary School

On November 24th 2010, Jarrettsville Elementary School located in Jarrettsville, Maryland hosted its 4th annual HEADstrong Run. Jarrettsville students in grades k-5, fundraised for two months to raise $5,781 which brings the four year HEADstrong RUN total to just over $26,000. All the proceeds from the run have been donated to the HEADstrong Foundation.

Over a two month period, students trained for the one mile run in Physical Education Class. They learned about Nick’s story from the PE teacher, a close personal friend of Nick’s and then took it upon themselves to collect donations in honor of Nick and loved ones in their own lives affected by cancer. Student’s learned of Nick’s strength and motivation as an athlete and in his battle with cancer to understand the importance of perseverance and to give back to people in their time of need. On the day of the event, the students brought in their collection envelopes and ran with their grade level on a cross country course located around the school grounds. As the event grows each year even more community members, parents and family members come out to support and cheer on the students as they accomplish their mile run. After the run is completed, each grade celebrated in a post even gathering. The event is directed by Hofstra alumni and Jarrettsville teacher, Tara Buecker, Friend of Nick’s from Hofstra University.

“Nick taught me about strength, being true to yourself and making sure you smile through life. Miss you #27” – Tara

For Nick,
Cheryl Colleluori