The HEADstrong Foundation has been providing services to those who are affected by cancer and living in Holmes, PA since 2007. Whether you are an individual who is battling cancer and are in need of financial support, or you are a family who is affected by cancer and is in need of a place to stay during cancer treatments in the Greater Philadelphia area, the HEADstrong Foundation is here to help.

Here Is How We Help Improve the Lives of Cancer Patients in Holmes, PA

The HEADstrong Foundation was founded by Nick Colleluori, who lost his battle to Diffuse Large B-Cell non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma in 2006, but his legacy lives on through this foundation. In order to ensure his legacy continues, the HEADstrong Foundation offers the following services to those who are living in Holmes, PA:

  • Nick’s House: Complimentary cancer patient lodging location for out-of-town patients and their families in the Philadelphia metropolitan area.
  • Financial Service: A program that grants financial aid to patients and families who are experiencing financial hardship due to a cancer diagnosis.
  • Entertainment: We provide the beneficial elements of the family dinner table to hospitals in Philadelphia by serving home-style meals, as well as providing recreational activities to cancer patients and their families several times throughout the year.
  • Peer Support: We offer peer-to-peer support by connecting newly diagnosed patients with a network of cancer patients and cancer survivors as a way to provide them with helpful mentoring and guidance.
  • Our services are made possible thanks to those who donate their time and resources.

    If You Live in Holmes, PA, Here Is How You Can Join Our Fight Against Cancer

    Since 2007, we have had the honor of being able to help 16,860 patients and families who are affected by cancer, and in that time, we have raised $15.5 million dollars. If you live in Holmes, PA, here is how you can help us continue to serve patients and families who are fighting the battle against cancer:

  • Donate: Whether you are donating to help the lives of others, in honor of someone or in memory of someone, your financial gift will play a large role in changing people’s lives.
  • Events: We have several different events throughout the year, and attending or volunteering at them is a helpful way to support the HEADstrong Foundation.
  • Partner: From corporate sponsors to royal agreements to in-kind donations, we are thankful to all of our partners, and are always looking to add more to our team.
  • Volunteer: We have a variety of volunteer opportunities, such as at Fundraising Campaigns or directly helping patients and their families, and we are always in need of more.
  • Shop: Our shop is always stocked with new products to purchase, and by doing so, you will be supporting the HEADstrong Foundation while also spreading awareness.
  • From Patient Services to Family Needs, We Strive to Help People Living With Cancer in Holmes, PA

    Whether you are fighting the battle against cancer or you are looking to join us in the fight, contact us today! Please call us at 610-461-5987, email us at [email protected] or visit our website at www.headstrong.org.