How To Stay HEADstrong During Social Isolation

By: Jennifer Hoffman

Here at HEADstrong, we take health very seriously as we interact with individuals with compromised immune systems every day. With the current health crisis due to the COVID-19 pandemic and the limitations and restrictions put in place by local and federal government, it has become increasingly difficult for people to go about their daily life. With schools, businesses, gyms, restaurants and malls shutting their doors, it’s time to get creative with keeping yourself busy while we self-quarantine for the next few weeks. 

You could say we are in a bubble of sorts, or as one of our current hero’s Christie Finley (currently battling AML) put it, you are now living the life she’s had for the last 15 months. Christie has been practicing social distancing while receiving life saving cancer treatment, similar to what you and I are doing today. The only time Christie has left her house is to go to the doctor. 

But just because you are self isolating doesn’t mean you have become complacent with the current situation—there are alternative ways to do the activities you previously did, just on a safer level. Just ask Christie herself, she has found ways to adapt to her new “normal” and although she misses nights out with friends, a nice Wawa hoagie and day trips to the beach, her health is her main concern. And yours should be the same.

We asked our HEADstrong Fam what they have been doing to practice social distancing while still keeping active. Many of our audience replied that although their athletic season was cut short, they haven’t hung up the jersey just yet. Many athletes from all sports and age ranges said that they have taken their sticks outside, playing games in their backyards. Others have opted to go for some nature walks, even having their furry friends tag along. 

For those that had the extra space, some community members have even turned their living rooms or spare bedrooms into a home gym!  Many gyms and personal trainers have been streaming their workout routines on social media as another avenue for people to stay active while at home. 

During these uncertain times, be considerate and mindful of others. The COVID-19 might just be a hiccup in your daily routine for most, but for others it could cost them their life. Take inspiration from us at HEADstrong, there are ways you can adapt your routine to the current situation and keep yourself and others at low risk.

Be smart, stay safe and be HEADstrong.