Horseheads Youth Lacrosse Club

Horseheads Youth Lacrosse Club… Building and sharing a love for Lacrosse; one stick, one pass, and one experience at a time

The following letter was received by HEADstrong, from the Secretary of the Horseheads Youth Lacrosse Club and is posted as written on July 7,2010

Dear Mr. & Mrs. Colleluori,

I have enclosed the pledge sheets and money that our 5th and 6th grade lacrosse teams raised in Nick’s memory for the HEADstrong Foundation. It’s not a great deal of money, but I am pleased that the boys were able to take up the cause and more importantly, learn about someone and something much bigger than them. I have also sent along a picture of some ofthe boys who participated in the Score for a Cure program.

They are so proud to wear their lime green laces and always take the time to explain what they stand for to anyone who asks. Nick’s life was not in vain; he lives on through all ofthe people who hear his story and know the work of your foundation. I want to thank you for fighting for awareness and research and providing support to the many people affected by this disease. You are extraordinary. I feel blessed that our boys had the opportunity to learn about Nick and to begin to understand what RELENTLESS really means.

HEADstrong Foundation would like to thank the Horseheads Youth Lacrosse Club for their support!