HEADstrong & Spellman Performance Launch 60/40 Challenge For Families Overcome By Cancer

HEADstrong & Spellman Performance Launch 60/40 Challenge For Families Overcome By Cancer


(Chula Vista, CA) – How fast can you run a 40-yard or 60-yard dash?  How do you stack up against athletes across the country?  What if your time could change lives affected by cancer and at the highest risk of contracting COVID-19?  Well, through the HEADstrong’s 60/40 Challenge presented by Spellman Performance, it can.  This is a chance for you to add being a HERO to your resume and stand out amongst the pack this summer while you train.  


Les Spellman, one of America’s elite speed performance coaches who has trained countless NFL and USA Rugby players, Olympians, NCAA athletes, emerging high school and youth level kids across a variety of sports is empowering athletes nationwide to be part of the 60/40 Challenge supporting families overcome by cancer and at the highest risk of contracting COVID-19.  


The 60/40 Challenge is a social media call to action targeting professional, competitive and prospective athletes and encouraging them to use their 40 yard and/or 60 yard dash times when training this summer as a mechanism for raising funds to support the essential services provided by the HEADstrong Foundation, a non-profit organization committed to improving lives affected by cancer. 



Campaign: 60/40 Challenge

Register: https://pledge.headstrong.org/6040Challenge

Shortened Link: https://bit.ly/6040Dash

YouTube Explainer Video: https://youtu.be/IfDNyopECjs

Campaign Hashtag: #Dash4HEADstrong, @HEADstrongFND

Date(s): Summer 2020 

Registration Fee: $10.00 – Applied As Your 1st Donation


Participating is simple.  Essentially, athletes record their 40 or 60-yard dash, post to their social media feeds and then use their official time as a suggested donation value.  For instance, if an athlete runs a 4.4 second 40-yard dash, then the athlete would solicit donations of $4.40 from their friends, family and followers.  The focus is to unite for families navigating the harrowing ordeal of a pre-existing cancer amidst the global pandemic, like the Beachy family, a current guest family of Nick’s House, a guest residence operated by the HEADstrong Foundation on behalf of families displaced in the pursuit of lifesaving cancer treatment.  The Beachy’s have traveled over 2,700 miles from San Diego, CA to Philadelphia for their 3-yard old son Will who is battling advanced leukemia.  https://youtu.be/JBZHxE3MQ3A


The 60/40 Challenge is intended to promote the physical wellbeing of athletes in training with the objective of creating a positive, constructive and holistic activity while navigating challenges of the pandemic.  It’s a special way for athletes to use their platform and training to make a difference for those who need it most in a time when it matters most.  


The HEADstrong Foundation has deep roots in the athletic community.  The non-profit organization was conceptualized by Nicholas “HEAD” Colleluori, a D1 student-athlete from Hofstra University, who was terminally diagnosed with cancer shortly into his sophomore year.  From his hospital bed, Colleluori created the organization to serve as the resource that he wished existed for his family amidst their fight.  Colleluori passed away in 2006, he was just 21.  


“Spellman Performance has an amazing reputation and we continuously heard from countless athletes about their system, methods, community and brand.  From a campaign development standpoint, we felt that Spellman would be the perfect partner for the 60/40 Challenge.  Upon connecting with Les we knew there was a ton of synergy.  We are truly honored to have the support, endorsement and commitment of Spellman Performance through the 60/40 Challenge and look forward to engaging athletes in this very special way over the next few months.”  said Pat Colleluori, HEADstrong Chief Development Officer  


Spellman and company have been entrusted to train and develop the nation’s top athletes as it pertains to their speed, agility and conditioning.  Over the years, Les has built an incredible business system and training center based in Southern California but his roots much like Colleluori and the HEADstrong Foundation are in Philadelphia, PA.  It was the shared experience of navigating unfortunate life events in college paired with shared connections to Philadelphia, Hofstra University and Temple University that truly resonated with Spellman regarding the partnership with HEADstrong.  Much like Colleluori, Les’ story is truly inspirational.  As a young athlete, Les fractured his femur at 17-years old in a near-death car accident. He was left debilitated with a metal rod in his femur and forced to learn how to walk again.  He immersed himself in the study of advanced biomechanics and speed training techniques, reengineering his speed skills.  He eventually ran his way on to the elite Division 1 program at Temple University.  In exploring the relationship and opportunity, Les shared that his father attended Hofstra University, learned that Colleluori’s fiance Jordan Costa attended Temple University and the overall story of triumph of tragedy just solidified the bond between both groups.    


Spellman and his team are very excited about the launch of the 60/40 Challenge as they believe that it is an incredible way for athletes across the spectrum to unite and help those navigating a very difficult time in their lives.


“Using speed and time to make a difference is a concept that Spellman Performance can really get behind.  40 yards for those going 2,700 miles in pursuit of the best possible care for their loved ones.  4.4 seconds to make an everlasting impact on the lives of countless families dealing with the unfortunate reality of cancer and now COVID-19.  We at Spellman Performance are very honored to be part of this very special campaign and value what the campaign seeks to achieve.  As coaches, we pride ourselves on empowering athletes to achieve greatness and participation in this fundraiser is the perfect way for athletes to use their training, platform and community for the greater good.” Les Spellman, Spellman Performance Founder  


About HEADstrong 

The HEADstrong Foundation plays a vital role on behalf of families, helping them to navigate cancer with improved quality of life and normalcy. We serve as a direct interface between comprehensive cancer centers and their patient population and exist to provide financial, emotional, logistical and residential support to families, thus enabling them to go the distance against their cancer by pursuing advanced care and clinical trials. HEADstrong has aided over 18,000 families and Nick’s House operated in Swarthmore, PA offers more than 3,000 nights of lodging for families displaced to our region, relieving families of more than $2.5 million annually in lodging related expenses. The organization

was conceptualized by my brother Nicholas, in the wake of a terminal cancer diagnosis. He was just 19 when he learned that he had an extremely aggressive form of non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma. From his hospital bed, he framed the resource that wished existed for our family during the most vulnerable and financially trying times of our lives. From that despair we fulfilled his final wish that others would benefit from the life he lived and at its most organic level, established this amazing foundation, which in many ways, allows our family to move forward through life in Nick’s absence.

For more information on the 60/40 challenge and the HEADstrong Foundation, please visit our website at www.HEADstrong.org or follow us on social media, @HEADstrongFND.