HEADstrong Lehigh Valley’s Lucca Scomillio Committs to Elizabethtown College

It was in 2nd grade when Lucca Scomillio first picked up a lacrosse stick. You could say it was love at first sight. 

Growing up in Easton, PA Lucca learned about HEADstrong’s Lehigh Valley lacrosse program early on, and as he says HEADstrong has been there from the get go. “They’ve always been a part of the lax community and I’ve always embraced it. Playing for HEADstrong seemed like the perfect opportunity.” remarked Lucca. 

The attacker has played all 4 years at Easton High School, but where he really shined was in the lime green HEADstrong jersey.  

“Playing for HEADstrong made me a better player, especially the coaching. I just felt deeper in the lacrosse community playing for them.” Lucca said. 

Scomillio has had green laces on his cleats since 4th grade and ever since he could grow a mustache he has participated in Lacrosse Mustache Madness. Lucca has really bought into what HEADstrong is all about. 

“Lucca has been committed to the HEADstrong program since its inception here in the Lehigh Valley. He has made notable improvements as a player throughout his club career and we are excited to see him contribute at Easton Area High School for his senior season.” remarked HEADstrong Lehigh Valley coach Mike Bender.

Upon graduation from Easton High next June, Lucca will continue his education at Elizabethtown College where he plans to study Business/Finance and play collegiate Division lll lacrosse. 

When asked what he is looking forward to most about college, Lucca replied “Bettering myself, just growing as a person and bettering myself in school and on the lacrosse field.” 

Over 10 schools were interested in Lucca, and HEADstrong was there throughout the entire recruitment process.  “The film and just playing with HEADstrong really helped get in front of college coaches and made the entire recruitment process so much easier” Lucca said. 

Ultimately, Lucca chose Elizabethtown because it felt like a family. He also has some friends on the team that love playing their and said great things about the coach and program that really helped seal the deal. 

Family is everything to Lucca, that’s how he got into the sport in the first place. “My dad played lacrosse and was always really involved. Growing up I always wanted to be like my dad, so I started to play lacrosse because he played.”

To learn more about HEADstrong’s lacrosse program please visit, www.headstronglax.com.