HEADstrong Hero – Alexander

To his peers Alexander Mallet is a three year old boy filled with energy a passion for being outside, loving nature and playing with other kids. However, Alex is one of the 175,000 children diagnosed with cancer each year worldwide.

Shortly, after Alex’s third birthday he was diagnosed with Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia. During a camping trip in November of 2020 Alex’s mother Laquisha and father Aundray noticed their son was limping, gradually growing worse until he was unable to walk. After multiple trips to different doctors and hospitals, Alex underwent an MRI, resulting in 85% of his bone marrow showing Lymphoblastic Leukemia cells. From there, he started treatment at Mercy Children’s Hospital in St Louis, Missouri.

The battle has not been easy and as a family they’ve fought for a better outcome. Having a single income and two young children, the family has struggled to remain afloat. Yet, they have hope. Today Alex is in remission, but has two to three years left of treatments. Laquisha describes Alex as a resilient, brave rock star battling one of life’s greatest battles that you can still find running around outside and planting. His current stage of treatment is active treatment, which is the most intense part of treatment. 

Any donations will help support Alex throughout this process. The family is also asking anyone interested to participate in the #RunforAlex challenge by taking part in a short jog to support Alex’s fundraiser. For more information on the challenge and to help Alex through his fight, click HERE.