HEADstrong Announces Return Of Game Hair Havoc

By Jen Hildebrand

PHILADELPHIA, PA – The Game Hair  Havoc campaign is back for a third season, giving a way for women’s lacrosse teams across the country a way to compete against each other while helping families who are fighting cancer.

The campaign, which will officially kick off on February 22nd and run through April 4th, is an online fundraising campaign that encourages women’s lacrosse players and teams to braid and style their game day hair to raise awareness and funds for the HEADstrong Foundation and families affected by cancer. 

In sports, unique hairstyles have been practical in keeping hair out of players faces during play but also a powerful symbol of strength, determination and inspiration. Started in 2019 in support of Team USA women’s lacrosse player Stephanie Finley, Game Hair Havoc has engaged participants across the globe in the cause, including over 12 million social media impressions. 

This season, for the first time the Game Hair Havoc campaign will feature two heroes – Marsie Salvatori and Mary Griffin. Former high school teammates who had lost touch once at college, they have been brought back together as both are currently battling cancer. Salvatori, a senior at Stanford University and a former member of the women’s lacrosse team, was diagnosed with Hodgkin’s Lymphoma in August and has been undergoing chemotherapy since. In the fall, Griffin had an “Appendicitis-like” attack while participating in lacrosse practice at Virginia Tech and was later diagnosed with a rare form of Pancreatic cancer. In November, she had surgery to remove the tumor. 

“Our fundraising team has consistently challenged themselves to create a unique way to engage and unite players and teams in support of our mission and I am excited that Game Hair Havoc is back for a third season, especially in these challenging times,” said Cheryl Colleluori, HEADstrong President and Nick’s Mom. “Hair styling and braiding is an amazing and empowering phenomenon in women’s sports that provides an incredible opportunity to further our commitment to heroes fighting this terrible disease. Our hearts are with all women fighting cancer and those who have lost their hair as the result of chemotherapy.  At HEADstrong we believe in the importance of empowering our supporters and it is our commitment to provide unique ways of rallying support. We are honored to fight alongside our heroes, Marsie and Mary, and proud to continue this amazing campaign.”  

Registration is now open and will continue throughout the duration of the campaign.  Stylers and teams are being encouraged to register as early as possible. The campaign will run through April 4th. Throughout the campaign, individual stylers will be encouraged to style their hair, share their inspiration and unique looks using social media platforms (Instagram, Facebook and Twitter) along with their fundraising link. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, stylers are encouraged to style their hair at games or workouts depending on their school and conferences guidelines and schedules. Funds will tally to team fundraising totals which will allow teams to vie for Game Hair Supremacy!  

“These are unprecedented times and we are excited to bring Game Hair Havoc back for a third season as teams are returning to the field this spring,” said Pat Colleluori, Game Hair Havoc Co-Founder and Nick’s brother. “This campaign unites our lacrosse family in support of those that need it the most. We hope that women’s lacrosse players around the country will rally around Marsie and Mary and style their hair  in order to make a difference.”

Game Hair Havoc will also be highlighted with contests, prizes and giveaways from partners such as Insomnia Cookies and Gait Lacrosse among others. 

The funds raised will be essential in funding nights at Nick’s House, a guest family home operated by the HEADstrong Foundation for families financially overwhelmed and pursuing life-saving treatment, which has required them to travel far from their homes.  

Athletes and teams can register at www.GameHairHavoc.com and learn more at www.HEADstrong.org