Here at the HEADstrong Foundation, we offer a wide range of fundraising campaigns that the Bristol community can participate in to help families in their fight against cancer. HEADstrong offers a unique selection of fun, simple, and accessible fundraisers that allow both teams and individual athletes to give back and fundraise for cancer no matter where they are!

Attack Cancer: The Attack Cancer Fundraising campaign allows sports teams and individual players to pledge their performance on the field and fundraise for the HEADstrong Foundation. If you are on offense, you can pledge a certain amount to fundraise for every goal you save. If you are on defense, you can pledge certain amounts on your takeaways, ground balls, and rebounds to fundraise for cancer. By creating a fundraising page, you can share your progress with friends and family to continue your fundraising efforts throughout the season. If you or your team are interested in participating in an attack cancer fundraiser, visit our website to start your very own fundraising campaign page!

Game Hair Havoc: Game Hair Havoc encourages female lacrosse players to style their hair in honor of cancer patients. Players are encouraged to get creative and plan their hairstyles ahead of game time in the spirit of fundraising. Athletes interested in fundraising for cancer can start the process by opening a fundraising page on www.hairhavoc.com. Here, they can invite their friends and family to support them in their Hair Havoc journey. Athletes can also set specific goals and fundraising amounts they want to reach for the season. Hair Havoc Fundraisers are a great way to engage teammates, friends, and loved ones in your teams’ effort to fundraise for cancer.

Fighter Funds: Fighter Funds allow fundraisers to individualize their campaign and create a campaign honoring a loved one. Fighter Fund participants can plan and create their fundraisers to contribute to their very own Fighter Fund. Creating a Fighter Fund allows families to support the HEADstrong Foundation while honoring specific loved ones in their lives. 

How Can Communities Get Involved in Fundraising for Cancer?

Those living in the Bristol area looking to engage their teams and local communities in any HEADstrong fundraisers are encouraged to visit our website. There, they will learn more about how they can join in on the fundraising efforts we offer. Whether you are looking to participate in Game Hair Havoc, individual athlete pledges, or your own unique Fighter Fund, HEADstrong is here to help you make a difference in your community. For more information, visit our website’s main fundraising page to see all the different campaigns you can participate in. Additionally, connect with our fundraising coach at 610-461-5987 or email [email protected] to find out more ways you can engage your community in fundraising for cancer!