Darin Phillips II

My cancer story began when I was 16 years old. It was at that time when I was diagnosed with Hodgkin’s Lymphoma. After numerous chemotherapy and radiation treatments the cancer disappeared only to return a year later when I was 17 years old. Again I was receiving more treatments, but again my cancer vanished. 

Now today at the age of 24 I am again in a battle for my life with a second recurrence of Hodgkin’s Lymphoma. I have been undergoing chemotherapy treatment for the last nine months, and at times death looks very near, but I do not fear death any longer as I once had. I am at peace because Jesus has revealed to me that I have nothing to fear and He has a plan for my life. Even if I die I will get to be with Him in eternity. I now have “mountain moving faith” and I use every moment of time that is left of my life for good, to help others and spread the news to everyone that I can of what He has done for me. This is where I find hope in my lengthy battle with cancer. For everything here on this earth is only temporary. Nothing here can we take with us except for the lessons we learned via our experiences in life and also what we did while in our bodies, whether good or bad. The legacy of our life and what we do with it will last forever.

So I encourage everyone who is battling cancer not to give up. There is hope, even when things look so bleak. When I was told last year that cancer returned for a second time I knew I would be in the battle for my life, but I couldn’t give up.

Don’t give up the fight! Don’t lose hope! God has a plan for your life. 

Love to all!

Darin Phillips II