Building Blocks Lacrosse Setting Standard With Attack Cancer

For Tyler Russell, getting Building Blocks Lacrosse (BBL) involved in HEADstrong’s Attack Cancer campaign was personal. As the director of the boy’s travel program, he has always made a push to incorporate off the field team building and community service as a way of teaching players that the experience is about more than lacrosse. 

The founder of BBL – Andrew Hubschmann –  started the program out of the back of his car over 10 years ago. His passion for training small groups eventually turned into a full blown training academy and a few travel teams at the get go. Now, BBL has a Central and North region, over 30 boy’s and girl’s travel teams, two training academies, the best box lacrosse program in New Jersey and hundreds of college commitments and future recruits playing at the NCAA level.

Since joining the campaign in November of 2020, members of BBL have raised over $27,000 for the cause and Russell is hoping that number continues to grow over the next few months as the lacrosse season ramps up. For Russell, the mission of the Foundation is personal, as he has had a handful of close relatives and friends who have been affected by cancer. 

“I think it’s important that these players have people to look up to as they go through some of the most important years of their lives,” Russell said. “If I can teach them and show them that being a part of BBL is more than playing in some competitive lacrosse games and having fun then I consider it a win. I also think that it teaches them accountability. We have players who have reached out and said ‘Coach – I am pledging this amount for every day I workout in the backyard.’ To me, that is really cool. Not only are they raising money for an incredible cause, but they are improving their skills along the way while dedicating time and effort.”

For Russell, being involved with BBL is bigger and the lacrosse community as a whole gets simpler each year. 

“I don’t do this for the wins or the recognition,” he said. “I do this for the journey. Seeing a kid who I taught the sport back when he was five years old now as a Freshman in high school still playing while I get to coach them is what drives me. Being a part of these young guys’ lives and being able to make the slightest difference in a positive way is truly the greatest reward.”

Learn more about the campaign and how you can become involved HERE.