Baylor’s Gurleen Kaur is Driving it Home for HEADstrong

By: Jennifer Hoffman

For Gurleen Kaur participating in the Driving it Home campaign was a no brainer. The Baylor University junior felt compelled to support the campaign because she knows how devastating a cancer diagnosis can be and the toll it takes on a family. Her cousin has been diagnosed with leukemia twice and just recently received a bone marrow transplant. 

“When he was diagnosed I was at my regional tournament in Austin and it was hard knowing I couldn’t be with him at certain times. He has made me realize not to take anything for granted as your life is very valuable and to enjoy every moment that comes along. He had been diagnosed with leukemia twice in his life and still continues to spread happiness and kindness wherever he goes. He has never given up and fights despite the circumstances.” Gurleen said. 

Driving It Home is a charity drive concept targeting competitive golfers to pledge each hole they play during the month of July and use their play as a mechanism for securing contributions to advance the mission of the HEADstrong Foundation. The campaign is intended to promote the physical and mental wellbeing of the nation’s top student, amateur and professional golfers by providing a positive and constructive outlet for them to use their platforms to make a difference.

The HEADstrong Foundation was founded in 2007 as a 501(c)3 and continues to serve as a vital resource to families affected by cancer. From diagnosis to a hopeful remission, HEADstrong’s relentless effort to improve the lives of those affected by the disease plays a critical role every step of the way. The organization was conceived by Hofstra lacrosse player Nicholas Colleluori in the wake of his terminal diagnosis of non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma. As a Division I athlete, Colleluori’s public fight from the sidelines captivated the nation. From his hospital bed, he created an organization focused on empowering student-athletes and others to use their platform to make an impact. His attitude and vision has inspired thousands to get involved in the fight.

His idea was simple yet critical; help real people when they need it most, providing support so that families may live with a greater sense of dignity and normalcy. Colleluori fought to improve the inpatient experience, the affordability of treatment, accessibility of care and to tackle the general concerns facing the patient population. Although one understandably hopes to never have an insider’s look, Colleluori leveraged his experience to bring needed support to the entire process. 

The campaign allows Gurleen to help people through her favorite sport so not only is she able to pledge her stats but she is able to do it for the greater good. She will be pledging two tournaments and the US Women’s Amateur Golf Championship. 

To join Gurleen and all of the other collegiate golfers in making a difference for cancer patients and their families,please visit