At HEADstrong, Every Amount Matters— No Matter How Big or Small!

Have you been looking for ways to give back and make a difference? Although some may tend to think they don’t have the funds to make charitable contributions, in reality, every single amount matters. Even if it is a few dollars, it’s a few dollars more than a  charity had yesterday! At HEADstrong, we run a handful of compassionate fundraisers, each with meaningful stories and backed with ample community support. Check out a few of our fundraisers below— we hope you join us in fundraising for cancer


Go Lime

If you are an athlete, it’s about time you #GoLime! HEADstrong’s Go Lime fundraiser brings together athletes across the country for an important cause: helping families impacted by cancer. Teams have the ability to create a trackable athletic statistic to focus on for their season. Goalies can track saves, for instance, while offensive players can track their goals, assist, or saves. Through sharing your statistical updates through social media, athletes can inform and encourage their families, friends, and fans to support statistics through recurring donations. HEADstrong’s Go Lime fundraiser is a classic example of no matter who you are or how much you bring to the table, you can make a difference. 


Fighter Funds

Service over science. HEADstrong’s Fighter Funds gives individuals the ability to grow a successful fundraiser for loved ones who are or were battling the fight against cancer. HEADstrong’s Fighter Funds serves as a constant reminder that no one has to go through the grief alone ever and kickstarting a fundraiser in honor of a loved one does not have to be a challenging task to do! Families have the ability to raise funds through a handful of events of their choosing, donating in honor of a loved one right through their Fighter Funds. 



Let’s run aHEAD of cancer! TEAM HEADstrong is a quick pace fundraiser that allows individuals to run for HEADstrong. Runners have the ability to bring their own runners bib to their next race, no matter the endurance event that they choose across the country. Want to help HEADstrong cross the finish line and raise funds for families that have been impacted by cancer? Help us get aHEAD of cancer and join TEAM HEADstrong.   


Huddle Up 4 HEADstrong 

When it comes to battling cancer, we are a team! Football players across the country have been partaking in Huddle Up 4 HEADstrong to help with fundraising for cancer. By setting football statistics for the season that can be easily trackable, family, friends, and fans have the ability to donate and support families who have been impacted by cancer. Together, we can make a difference with Huddle Up 4 HEADstrong!  


Ready to start being a part of the HEADstrong family and helping raise money for families facing difficult times? Find a fundraiser with us today and help to make a lasting difference now.