I was Diagnosed with stage 2 Non-Hodgkins Lymphoma with large B-cell in Dec. of 2008. I had surgery to remove my entire spleen, and half of my stomach, and one third of my pancreas for a grand total of a 13 LB. tumor.After healing from surgery I underwent a Chop-Chemo that was every 3 week for 18 weeks. I was constantly having blood work and scans. Then we waited 6 months before having Rituxan only as my chemo drug and all the while having scans.

So far I am in partial remission. I just had chemo for four Mondays in May and a scan last week. Will get the results this week. If all is well I will do chemo again in Nov. I also had a port installed so no needles in my arms.

Right now I am not working. I used to build bridges and highways and I just do not have the stamina for that type of work. Also my muscles and joints ache from the chemo.. BUT I am not complaining!!!!!

Just to let you know I read about your foundation in Lacrosse Magazine that my boy’s get. I have twins who are 16 and have played for 9 years. One is an attack man and the other has played the entire field where needed. Now he is settled in long pole defense.

Thanks for listening and for doing what you all do.