2nd Saturday at Mainstay Brewery and Standard Tap

On Saturday,2nd hand saturday November 9, Mainstay Brewery and Standard Tap in Northern Liberties will be hosting a 2nd Saturday event. The pop up thrift shop beer tasting will donate a portion of the proceeds to the HEADstrong Foundation.

Mainstay Brewery’s Director of Sales, Sean Darnell was inspired to create the event after he cleaned out his closet. His girlfriend was watching a Netflix show called “Tidying Up” and that’s when Sean realized himself that he could do some tidying up.

Throughout the cleaning process, he came across over 25 t-shirts and realized that a majority of them were beer companies. Knowing he isn’t the only beer lover out there, Sean realized what a great opportunity this could be.

“ I figured I was far from the only person with a huge stockpile of beer clothes, and figured we could do more good with them than just donating them to Goodwill, which is how the event was born. With this event, we can make some money for your charity, and after we are done doing the events, all leftover clothes can still be donated so nothing goes to waste.” Sean remarked.

And from there, the event was born. HEADstrong was chosen to be the benefactor of the event as a way to keep it local to the Philadelphia area, plus Sean had worked with the foundation prior so they were right at the top of his list.

“I love the fact that they are local, donate the majority of what is received to the charity, and have the mentality to help people in the aspects of treatment that is not covered by insurance. Also, their initiative to keep the family together and provide a variety of support options to ensure that is incredibly noble.” Sean said.

If you are a beer lover and a HEADstrong supporter, this is the event for you! Come join us on Saturday 11/9 from 1-5pm at Standard Tap.