HEADstrong is Huddling Up 4 Cancer

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HEADstrong is Huddling up For Cancer

Football players around the country are participating in Huddle Up 4 HEADstrong by pledging their football stats this season to support families affected by CANCER.

Start a Huddle Up 4 HEADstrong fundraiser that will allow your family, friends and fans to pledge a dollar amount for any trackable football stat that you choose this season. This is a fun and interactive way for football players from all levels around the country to have an impact and make their performance count on and off the field.

HEADstrong Foundation, started by former high school and collegiate student athlete, Nick Colleluori at the age of 19, is a charitable 501c3, committed to improving lives affected by cancer. Colleluori fought to improve the inpatient experience, the affordability and accessibility of care and tackled the general concerns facing the patient population.  Understanding the ripple effect and impact that a cancer diagnosis had on a family, Colleluori championed efforts to support caregivers and capital projects to improve accommodations. HEADstrong invests more than $.90 of every dollar into a service offering 100% committed to improving the quality of life for families affected by cancer. The organization has assisted more than 14,000 families having allocated more than $10 million in aid.  GO LIME, is a perfect way for athletic programs to get involved this season.

Interested in getting in on your own Huddle Up 4 HEADstrong fundraising page? Contact Jeff Baxter at [email protected] or visit https://pledgeit.org/for/huddleup4headstrong to learn more about how you and your teammates can pledge your stats this upcoming season to help those affected by cancer. Turn those touchdowns into dollar signs and start Huddle Up fundraiser today.