Why Attack Cancer – Chloe Pierini

For Chloe Pierini, lacrosse is more than just a sport. The senior from Winter Park, Florida turned to the lacrosse community for support after her mom was diagnosed with breast cancer, especially after seeing her uncle lose his fight with brain cancer while she was growing up. As she Attacks Cancer this season, Chloe recognizes her ability to use the sport she loves to support a cause bigger than herself. 


“It’s one of those things where we work hard as athletes and we’re fighting a battle on the field,” she explained. “But there’s a way bigger battle that people in our own families and communities are fighting.” 


Pierini first learned of the HEADstrong Foundation through the women’s lacrosse team at The College of William & Mary, where she will begin her collegiate career in the fall. After seeing that the team had raised over $5,000 for the Game Hair Havoc campaign, she was determined to get involved. 


Chloe’s lacrosse support system has rallied behind her to help raise over $4,000 for the Attack Cancer campaign. She encourages others to get involved this season and pledge their season to a meaningful cause. 


“It helps you to see the good in other people too,” Chloe explained. “Even people you may not be close with are usually so generous and willing to help for a bigger cause.”