Ultimate Events and Sports Announces HEADstrong Foundation as 2019 Project 120 Charity Benefactor

Continuing Project 120 Tournament’s Dedication to Charity, UES Names Cancer Charity with Ties to the Lacrosse Community as 2019 Project 120 Charity Benefactor

In addition to providing youth players with an opportunity to face off against some of the best competition in the nation, Ultimate Events and Sports’ Project 120 tournament is committed to giving back to a non-profit cause with ties to the lacrosse community. Each year a direct percentage of each team’s registration fee goes towards charity. This year Ultimate Events and Sports is pleased to name the HEADstrong Foundation as the 2019 Project 120 Charity Benefactor. HEADstrong Foundation will have a presence at the tournament, sharing their mission with attendees and interacting with participants. Previous Project 120 Charity Benefactors include the Women’s Professional Lacrosse League FoundationLive Like BlaineLacrosse the NationsOne Love Foundation, and Find the Courage.

Founded by the late Nicholas Colleluori, who played lacrosse at Hofstra University, the HEADstrong Foundation was established in 2007 after Nicholas realized that there was a lack of resources for cancer patients and their families. The HEADstrong Foundation focuses on assisting patients and families affected by cancer, and to date has given assistance to over 16,000. Through their foundation they provide complimentary lodging at Nick’s House for out-of-town patients and families who are undergoing cancer-related treatment in the Philadelphia area. HEADstrong Foundation also offers financial assistance to families who experience financial hardship due to cancer diagnosis as well as peer support through their HEAD2 head program. In the past year HEADstrong Foundation has greatly increased their visibility among female athletes through their Game Hair Havoc fundraising initiative. Led by lacrosse star and cancer fighter Stephanie Finley, Game Hair Havoc is a fundraising campaign encouraging women’s lacrosse players and teams to braid and style their Game Hair to raise awareness and funds for families overcome by cancer. Game Hair Havoc has raised over $170,000 to date.

“The mission behind Project 120 is to give back to grass roots community organizations that may be smaller in size, but are trying to make a large impact. Many of us at Ultimate Events and Sports, as well as our participants, have been impacted by cancer and the negative social, financial, and emotional effects the disease has. The HEADstrong Foundation is tackling these issues in ways that are innovative and personal— they have a truly hands-on impact. When a close family member was battling cancer, I truly wished they had access to some of the support items that the HEADstrong Foundation provides, particularly access to a facility like “Nick’s House”.  We are proud to support this truly unique organization,” explained Ultimate Events and Sports’ Co-Owner Rebecca Wells.

“On behalf of the HEADstrong Foundation, our Nicholas and those we humbly serve, we wish to extend sincere appreciation to Ultimate Events and Sports Management for embracing our charitable mission with open arms as a benefactor of Project 120,” explained Cheryl Colleluori, HEADstrong President and mother of Nick Colleluori. “We are truly honored to have been chosen for association to this prestigious event and strongly believe that this is a key platform our HEADstrong to educate, engage and empower athletes in the hope of igniting and uniting the game in the fight against cancer. At HEADstrong we take an athletic approach by becoming coaches and teammates to families overcome by cancer. We specialize in providing emotional, financial, logistical and residential resources and leverage the power of athletics to change the game for families across the country facing the most difficult life circumstances. The prevalence of cancer is our world seems to be common place and our hope is to bring people closer to the cause, helping them to better understand our mission and why the game of lacrosse is a critical piece. We are eager to spotlight the realities of cancer, unite athletes both on and off the field to help families overcome obstacles, honor those who have gone before us and celebrate those survivors who are using their experience for the betterment of those newly diagnosed. Together we will do something incredible that will allow us to strengthen our commitment to those affected by cancer, giving them the opportunity to pursue the best possible treatments in hope of yielding the best possible results.”

The HEADstrong Foundation will be present at Project 120 with the goal of sharing their mission with players and fans attending Project 120. This year’s Project 120 tournament takes place at Lawrenceville School and West Chester University from June 22nd through June 23rd.