Twin FOGOs Attack Cancer Together

For the de Luna twins, both being faceoff specialists presents a unique opportunity – always having someone to practice with. 

It’s really cool being a FOGO and a twin because you always have someone to take reps with,” Richie explained. “It’s really the only position in lacrosse where you necessarily need someone else to do it with you in order to get the maximum value out of the reps. Being a twin has always given me and Gabe an advantage because we always have someone to take reps with. It definitely gives us an edge over the competition.”

The duo, from Northeast Pennsylvania and juniors at Wyoming Seminary, currently alternate starting at the dot for the Blue Knights and although that presents its own unique challenges, they don’t see it as competition as much as celebrating each other’s success. 

 “Sure I want to do good, but I also really want Richie to do good,” Gabe explained. “We can kind of be each other’s coaches in that sense, where I can tell Richie, ‘Richie you’re not having a good day, let me take reps, let me take the wheel,’ and then vice versa. There’s no hurt feelings because we can cross lines that a coach would never even dare to cross because at the end of the day we’re not each other’s coaches we’re each other’s brothers.”

Gabe and Richie started playing lacrosse in first grade, following in the footsteps of their older brother Bobby who currently plays at Oberlin. They’re excited to be participating in Face Off Against Cancer through Attack Cancer not only to make a difference, but because of how it helps bring the faceoff community together. 

“It’s really great for the faceoff community because it’s bringing together a lot of guys under one common goal, whereas these guys might not be as united because obviously it’s one of the most competitive positions because you’re always going at each other,” Richie said. “It really unites people under a great cause in the faceoff community. It’s still competitive, you’re still trying to see who is raising the most money but it’s a much better type of competition, it’s really healthy for the face off community.”

The de Luna’s, who are both currently working on private pilot’s licenses as well as volunteer firefighting this summer, are interested in pursuing either engineering or computer science in college. The duo pushes each other both on the field and in the classroom and know that going to college together is most likely not possible. However, they are looking forward to competing at the next level, hopefully close to each other. 

Right now they are focused on the Blue Knight’s season and are all in with their teammates. 

“I love our team because of the fact that our goals are so set,” Gabe said. “Last year we lost heart-breakingly in districts and this year is the year where we want to win our district and then make a state playoff run. That’s where all of our heads are at, and it’s awesome to be a part of the team where everyone’s goal is the same.”