Tesoro HS Coach Addresses Players & Families

In an email to players and family, Tesoro High School Lacrosse Coach Brian Eisenberg shows his support for the HEADstrong Foundation…

Dear Tesoro Lacrosse Families,

Please take the time to read this in full, as a family.

As you hopefully have noticed, our Varsity team has been wearing a lot of Lime Green lately, mostly as our game undershirt and all of our shoe laces. Hopefully, you are also asking yourself, “why are they wearing Lime Green”.

This email is to educate everyone on why we are wearing Lime Green and how YOU can get involved too and have our varsity players get MORE involved.

Lime Green is the color of Non-Hodgkins Lymphoma (and certain types of Leukemia) Cancer. Because of this, Lime Green is also the official color of The Headstrong Foundation, www.headstrongfoundation.org, which is what Tesoro is supporting.

Please take the time to visit the website and specifically watch this video, http://headstrongfoundation.org/2010/02/video-headstrong-on-espn/.

While I did not know Nick personally, since his passing, I have become very close with many of his teammates, all of which confirm that Nick was the most inspiring person they knew. Our current Tesoro varsity team was very fortunate to have Michael Colleluori, Nick’s younger brother, give us a pre-game speech before our first game vs. St. Margaret’s. I truly believe that his speech and presence is one of the main reasons we are having success as a team right now and believe that the slogan he shared with us, “Hold the Rope”, will lead us to continued success, as the boys “hold the rope” for each other, not just this season, but for life.

My relationship with the Headstrong Foundation started randomly, but has grown exponentially since becoming involved with Team Relentless (many of their players will eventually be Tesoro players and several older siblings are currently Tesoro players). I would be glad to share my story in person with anyone, but this email is already long enough.


A. I highly encourage all of our players to join the Score for a Cure, http://headstrongfoundation.org/headstrong/shop/index.php?main_page=product_info&cPath=33&products_id=118

Next year, all of our team will officially join the Score for a Cure. If you are able to join this year on your own, you are actively participating in making an amazing difference in this world!
B. Because we are wearing Lime Green, it is likely that someone will ask you “Why is your team wearing Lime Green when Tesoro is Red, White and Blue?”

To make sure that everyone in our program knows the answer, I am requiring each player (of all levels) to write an assignment. The assignment is to answer these two questions:

1. What is the Headstrong Foundation?

2. What does it mean to you to be part of a program representing the Headstrong Foundation?

This assignment is due to ME, VIA EMAIL, any time before practice on Tuesday, April 12th. Please do not wait to write this assignment. Look at the website, watch some of the videos, ask me questions, and be inspired to write this, knowing you are making a difference!
C. As a program, we ALL (parents, players, coaches, etc.) should be representing Tesoro in a positive manner. When wearing Lime Green, we “stand out” even more to opposing teams. People who do not understand why we are wearing Lime Green yet, often look at this as something over confident or as an inappropriate fashion statement.

It is with this attention on ALL OF US, that we need to take the extra step in being a positive influence in our community, REGARDLESS of the circumstances. Be positive in the stands at ALL times. And hopefully, others will start to ask more of us, “why are you wearing Lime Green?”, to which you will now know and share the answer.
As always, please contact me with any questions!

For Nick,

Brian Eisenberg
Head Coach – Tesoro HS Varsity Boy’s Lacrosse
Player Operations Manager – Team Relentless
Head Coach – Chapman University Women’s Lacrosse
Head Coach / Advisor – SoCal Youth Lacrosse
Director/Coach – Olympian Lacrosse (Camps) & Olympian Starz (Club Teams)

The HEADstrong Foundation extends a special thanks to coach Eisenberg, we appreciate your continued support!