School Cancer With HEADstrong

Get your class, after school activity or even the whole school to participate in an activity to raise funds for families affected by cancer!


Rally your school together for a friendly competition! Whether it is a rivalry game between schools, a teacher vs. student challenge, a community walk or something else, use that event to raise awareness and funds.


Show off your HEADstrong colors! Have everyone make a donation and dress up in lime green for the day, or let our team design t-shirts to sell for your limeout.

HEADS or Tails

Be the change! Have students donate their spare change to a coin box which the HEADstrong Foundation will provide. For some added competition, make it a school wide challenge and reward the class that fundraises the most.

Comfort Kit Drive

Dedicate a period of time where students can bring in supplies for Comfort Kits. HEADstrong’s Comfort Kits go directly to patients locally and are also shipped nationwide.

Join Schooling Cancer today by emailing Lauren Jeandell at [email protected]!