PLA & HEADstrong Unite

PLA and HEADstrong Stringing Awareness Through HEADstring Project

Holmes, PA – In an effort to further blood cancer awareness, the HEADstrong Foundation™ in partnership with the Philadelphia Lacrosse Association, is pleased to announce the HEADstring Project. This collaborative initiative allows donated sticks to be refurbished and restrung by volunteer student athletes using HEADstrong’s signature lime green mesh. Once completed, the sticks are distributed into the community the PLA’s “New Start” initiatives in the City of Philadelphia.

The HEADstring Project adds an awareness element to the traditional equipment drives that PLA hosts throughout the year. The objective of the HEADstring Project is to infuse the values and positive message associated with the HEADstrong Foundation, while helping to introduce the game to inner city students. The project seeks to inspire students by sharing the story of HEADstrong founder Nicholas “HEAD” Colleluori.

The initiative also gives student athletes the opportunity to earn community service credit, organizing and conduction stick donation drives and/or actually restringing the sticks. Already through the contributions of student athletes from Southeastern Pennsylvania, close to 75 sticks have been restrung with HEADstrong’s distinctive mesh, fitted with new shafts, and have been given new life in the hands of players from Frankford, Roxborough, West Philadelphia, Mastery-Shoemaker, Audenried and other Philadelphia public schools.

“We are excited to partner with the HEADstrong Foundation and are grateful for their support in helping to expand the game in the region. Our hope is that the HEADstring project will inspire student athletes to take action. In doing so, they can serve their community, spreading blood cancer awareness and supporting the growth of lacrosse in non-traditional areas. They will also help give kids in the City the opportunity to play, while communicating lessons about character and determination reminiscent of HEADstrong’s namesake.” Scott Growney, PLA board member

“We wish to thank the Philadelphia Lacrosse Association for their support and interest in helping us to promote blood cancer awareness through the HEADstring Project. It is an honor to partner with the organization that has worked diligently to establish the game of lacrosse here in our backyard. We have been excited to see the response from over a dozen high school club players, who have already volunteered their time to recycle sticks that may be in basements and garages that are not being used but still have value. We wish to thank everyone who has participated in the HEADstring Project to date and encourage others to get involved. We take great pride in knowing that Nick’s vision is being realized and that so many student athletes have been inspired by his example, and his message.” Cheryl Colleluori, HEADstrong President and Nick’s Mom

Players interested in becoming a HEADstring Project volunteer can contact Scott Growney at [email protected]. The PLA will be conducting a HEADstring Stick Drive at the Chapter Challenge on April 20-21, 2013. Equipment can also be directly donated or delivered to HEADstrong Foundation’s national office located at 232 Green Avenue, Holmes, PA 19043.