Nate Hudgins is Fueled to Fundraise Following Father’s Cancer Diagnosis

By: Jennifer Hoffman

Nate Hudgins was born to play lacrosse. From the time he was able to walk he had a lacrosse stick in his hand. By the time he was 6 years old he was running up and down the lacrosse field on his first organized team. The rest is history.

The Easton High School goalie has dedicated every save he makes this season for his dad. His dad Jerry is currently battling Stage 4 Keratinizing Squamous Cell Carcinoma Cancer. “My father has been my biggest inspiration throughout my life. He has always pushed me to do my best and more.” Nate said. His dad’s battle with cancer made him grow up quickly as he had to step up and take care of his mom Lori and little sister MaKayla. 

Nate saw his platform in the lacrosse community as the perfect way to raise money for a cause that is near and dear to his heart. Last year his Save A Life Fundraiser raised over $1,100 and he hopes to do even better this year. He has set a goal of reaching 100 donors and his current page has over $350 raised so far. 

Nate said donations really started to flow in once his page was posted on social media as many of his teammates, family and friends donated and shared the link as well. “Lacrosse helped me reach people I would have never met any other way and these people are usually the main donors in all of my campaigns and without lacrosse and these people my campaigns might have never been as successful.” he remarked.

His parents Lori and Jerry are extremely involved with HEADstrong and their connection to the mission of the organization started well before Jerry learned of his diagnosis. The couple has been involved for over 10 years, specifically with lacrosse events in the Lehigh Valley. 

“I think it is great and I am very proud of him and how he has taken the initiative every year to set up and promote his campaign. When he came home last spring and told us he was going to be wearing the #27 for his high school team I did shed a few tears but was so very proud of him and knew he was going to make sure his teammates knew why he chose that number.  Nathaniel has since changed his travel team number also to #27 and I know he wears it with pride and plays his best to honor Nick and the Colleluori family.” said Nate’s mom, Lori. 

Learn more about Nate’s Save A Life Fundraiser by clicking here.