Mustache Madness 2010 Is Here

by Danielle Bernstein, Inside Lacrosse

Mustache Madness 2010 is here and IL is getting involved, although there seemed to be a little doubt from the creators of the event that we were actually going to participate. I believe the exact words were “The guys at IL threatened they were going to form a team.”

Well, IL did, in fact, form a team and this year we’re going all out.

So why is one of the six women in the office writing an introductory post about Mustache Madness? To be honest, I have no idea.

While I am all for Mustache Madness and totally support everyone’s attempt to participate, I still maintain that men are the laziest of fundraisers. When a cause comes up that women want to support, we go all out. We plan events, we bake everything from cookies to pie and beyond, we run races and more and what do men do? Nothing – in fact, they STOP doing something. They go so out of their way that they take something out of their routine. That’s five extra minutes they get to sleep in everyday! Of course, I’m just kidding and this is a fantastic fundraiser that if you’re not participating in, you should at least make a donation.

This years’ proceeds will benefit the HEADStrong Foundation and IL is happy to be a part of it. Speaking of good causes, we’re also headed down to Charlottesville on Saturday to take part in Virginia’s Will Barrow Memorial Flag Football Tournament so stay tuned for photos, videos and more from that on the site next week…

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