Kevin Crowding

My story began in August of 2012… Like many other stories of blood cancers I had no symptoms leading up to the day I realized there was something wrong! I was playing softball when I began to have heart attack like pains in my chest! Upon doing tests doctors were able to identify that i was not having a heart attack but they discovered that I had a large grapefruit sized tumor located in my chest… I was eventually diagnosed on 9/11/12 with a form of B cell Lymphoma.

My treatments consisted of several months of intense chemotherapy followed by a period of daily radiation. Through both forms of treatment doctors were able to shrink the tumor down to the size of a marble and remove it during a final biopsy!

I was formally introduced to the Colleluori Family and the Headstrong Family after I was diagnosed in remission. I can still remember the day, I walked into Nick’s House and was greeted by Cheryl Colleluori’s “can I give you a hug?”! She had already heard my story from a family member and donated Headstrong gear at a benefit my family had for me! She helped me before she had ever even met me! That constant giving spirit is evident throughout the Colleluori Family as well as the Headstrong Organization! For this I will always be grateful! Not only did they help me in my time of need they gave me and outlet to pay it forward! I am honored to now volunteer and have been welcomed into the Headstrong Family!!!
Kevin Crowding