Households Across The Country Shared 27 Minutes of Fun to Celebrate International Day of Families

On Friday May 15th 2020, HEADstrong celebrated International Day of Families by executing the #Family1st Campaign. During these unprecedented times family is of the utmost importance, and serves as our anchor in stormy weather.  

The #Family1st Campaign was a way for families across the country to pause, and relish a brief moment focused entirely on their family. While also showing their support for those battling cancer alone during this time; immunocompromised individuals are at the highest risk of suffering from the COVID-19.  

The campaign is a fun way to get families together and cherish their time with each other, whether in person or virtually. Families could participate in whatever 27-minute long activity they wanted. Some honorable mentions included playing cornhole, running around in the sprinkler and walking their dogs. 

For this campaign, HEADstrong partnered up with AMLE (The Association for Middle Level Education) as a way to spread the mission of the foundation to a younger audience. Pat Colleluori hosted a webinar “Promoting Resiliency and Helping Families Thrive During & After COVID-19”  in conjunction with AMLE on 5/13 to provide greater insight into all that the foundation is. 

#Family1st showed that people aren’t letting the COVID-19 pandemic ruin their fun, as families were able to adapt to this “new reality” by doing activities that they’d normally do in person, over the phone or virtually. 

If you missed out on Friday don’t worry you can participate in #Family1st for the rest of the month of May! For more information please visit: