High School Soccer Goalie Carries Out HEADstrong’s Mission On and Off the Field

Ethan Haught has brought the mission of HEADstrong to West Virginia. The Junior at Lewis County High School felt compelled after learning about Nick’s story. He said he had several family members diagnosed with the disease, including his grandfather who passed away from cancer before Ethan could meet him. Ethan is a goalkeeper on his school’s soccer team and wanted to improve his game and educate others about cancer and the HEADstrong foundation. His dad’s company made a donation that got his fundraising efforts rolling.

Ethan set up collection jars at school and contacted local businesses to see if they would be interested in supporting HEADstrong. His biggest accomplishment was organizing a youth soccer clinic to help Lewis County boys and girls youth soccer players develop their skills and improve their game. All proceeds from the clinic went directly to HEADstrong. Chris, Ethan’s dad was so impressed by his son’s efforts that he contacted Storelli, a premier soccer brand to see if they would be open to creating a special jersey for Ethan. Storelli agreed and designed a goaltender jersey decked out in lime green and blue in honor of HEADstrong.

Ethan has no idea that this jersey is waiting for him, as a way for his dad and Storelli to say thank you for your fundraising efforts.