HEADstrong Limelight Gala 2018

The HEADstrong Foundation

The HEADstrong Foundation is a direct resource allowing families to navigate their cancer journey with clarity, dignity, normalcy and quality of life.  HEADstrong upholds our commitment to those affected by the disease through the unequivocal support of our partners and volunteers. HEADstrong has a faithful mission to improve the lives of those affected by cancer. Our late founder, Nicholas “HEAD” Colleluori, was diagnosed with Diffuse Large B-Cell non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma and fought relentlessly in a 14-month battle with cancer. Colleluori, soon recognized the lack of efficient resources for cancer patients as well the financial difficulties positioning families to side convenience over best possible treatment – and that’s where the HEADstrong Foundation was born.

His goal was to raise awareness and funding to allow families to sustain their level of normalcy while tackling challenges such as the affordability and accessibility of care.

He called upon athletes to do their part and support the cause. HEADstrong tirelessly works with Nick’s final requests at the heart of our foundation. Fast-forward to 2018 and we’re still obligated to make life-changing differences for those across the country. Together we can surge past and smash milestones to change the game for families in the fight of their lives.


The Lime Light Gala

Annually, the HEADstrong Foundation hosts the Lime Light Gala to celebrate another year of success. We’re happy to announce our 8th annual event graciously held at the Hilton at Penn’s Landing in Philadelphia, PA. On Friday, March 9th, 2018, HEADstrong is looking forward to sharing the accomplishments our foundation was able to achieve with all of our guests. Our unified efforts towards increasing the effectiveness while strengthening our commitment to families is at the heart of this special event. With over $11,500,000 raised to date, HEADstrong has been able to assist more than 15,000 families from around the country.

This special event has been recognized as one of the most inspirational events in the city of Philadelphia and is held annually to recognize groundbreaking achievements and stories of hope while remembering those who have lost their fight, in effort to help families affected by cancer.  We’re excited to share the wonderful stories of everyone involved and extend the opportunity to newcomers so they can join the fight against cancer with us! Purchase tickets or become a sponsor here for the 8th Annual Lime Light Gala to support our cancer foundation this March!


“Go Lime” and Create Change with HEADstrong

“Going Lime” with the HEADstrong Foundation is much more than showing your colors – but that doesn’t mean not to wear lime green! Starting a Go Lime Fundraiser allows you to directly assist with helping cancer patients and their families. The funds received from your fundraising support will allow us to fulfil our mission and strengthen our commitment to families in the fight against cancer.  All prospective supporters are welcome to join HEADstrong. Whether you wish to jumpstart an individual fundraiser or get your sports team and co-workers involved, HEADstrong appreciates all rallies to cause.

Another way to assist HEADstrong is to spearhead a Heads or Tails school campaign. This fundraiser empowers students of all ages to learn about cancer and make a difference in the world around them. Help us fulfill Nick’s vision with recruiting those around you to accomplish great things such as provide complimentary nights at Nick’s House, which will allow more families the ability to pursue the most advanced cancer treatments. Please view our fundraising toolkit and fundraising ideas for more information if you’re interested in creating a branch of our Go Lime and Heads or Tails initiative.


Pledge Your Support for the HEADstrong Foundation

HEADstrong is everlastingly thankful for the donors and giving partners that have come this far on our journey. We encourage you to become part of the HEADstrong family and help us make a difference in the lives of families affected by cancer. If you share our relentless effort to always give your best shot, HEADstrong would be happy to have you join our all-inclusive mission. To learn more about the HEADstrong Foundation feel free to contact us at 610-461-5987 or [email protected] with any questions. We’d love to get you set up and begin your commitment to fighting back against cancer. In the meantime, we hope to see you at our 8th Annual Lime Light Gala in March with the rest of the HEADstrong family!