HEADstrong Launches Family First Campaign


April 17,2020


Name: Jennifer Hoffman

Phone: 610-461-5987 ext. 303

Email: [email protected]


HEADstrong Launches Family First Campaign


The HEADstrong Foundation is challenging families to engage in a fun family activity to help raise funds to support their mission of improving lives affected by cancer.

The Family 1st Campaign is intended to promote the physical, emotional and mental wellbeing of families in these unprecedented times. The HEADstrong Foundation is challenging families nationwide to put their #Family1st by engaging in a 27-minute family activity on Friday, May 15th, International Day of Families, to raise funds in support of families navigating cancer and at the highest risk of complications due to the COVID-19.

The activity a family decides to partake in is entirely up to their choosing and can be completed wherever they would like. A family can take a walk together, play a game together, jump rope, dance or play tag. The opportunities are endless! 

HEADstrong recognizes the importance of family during the COVID-19 crisis. Many families now have more time together due to various circumstances created by the virus. While other families are dealing with the complete opposite. There are countless situations across the country where nurses and doctors are unable to see their children and significant others due to their inherent risk of exposure, and the potential to spread the virus. Precautions are put in place which make it difficult for families of healthcare workers to be together during this time. We know that family plays an enormous role in physical and mental health, and whether you are together in person or virtually, there are still ways to keep connected. 

The way some families are separated during a time of need, is similar to how families of cancer patients feel every day. Marc, a recent guest of HEADstrong’s Nick’s House, is longing for his family, as he is currently inpatient and in isolation after receiving a bone marrow transplant. While the transplant went successfully, he is recovering without his support system by his side. Not having an immune system leaves Marc at the highest risk of contracting the virus. Simultaneously, cancer patients across the country are being forced to undergo treatments on their own without an advocate or caregiver to help them. Not only are these patients immunosuppressed at the highest risk but they are now navigating the mental and emotional storm of cancer on their own.  

The #Family1st Campaign is a way for families across the country to pause, and relish a brief moment focused entirely on their family. They will also show their support for those battling cancer alone during this time as well as the countless individuals suffering from the COVID-19.  


Organizers: HEADstrong Foundation 

Date: Friday, May 15, 2020 – International Day of Families  

Time: All Day (Rally at Noon)

Family Price: $27 Per Family ($8.71 Based on Average Family 3.14 Persons)

           Peer To Peer Fundraiser 

Social Handles: #Family1st @HEADstrongFND


For more information please visit https://pledge.headstrong.org/event/family-1st-challenge/e281675